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“The best paper source of official GMAT practice questions. Look elsewhere for learning and strategy.”

I’m a Harvard grad, 99% GMAT scorer and professional tutor/coach since 2002. I have taken the GMAT 5 times, with highs of 770 composite, 50/51 Quant, 48/51 Verbal (1 wrong), 8/8 IR (2 times) and 6.0 AWA (4 times), and I have scored in the 700s

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“Very good overall study guide”

This guide has a good amount of content in every category for the GMAT. I would definitely recommend for students beginning their studies or even in the more intermediate level. The reason that the book is so big is because there are in-depth exp

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“Useful Study Guide”

Great tool to study for the GMAT. It is a very thick book that includes questions and lessons/background on the topics covered. I ended up using the online version more often than the book, but did not find the lessons online, only questions. A u

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Buy Cheap GMAT Official Guide 2020: Book + Online Question Bank

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