Napoleon Hill And Dan Pena Knew This Success Secret

Napoleon Hill made more millionaires over his lifetime than anyone who came before him…even more than Andrew Carnegie.

His book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ even today influences the minds of people all around the world.

But how did Dr. Hill become so tremendous? So outrageously successful? At a very early age, he understood a very important success principle.

‘Billionaire’ Dan Pena over in Scotland also understands this very same success principle.

Most people say they want financial fr.eedom…a nicer home, another car, to travel more, to be able to make your own hours.

We see Dan Pena’s obscenely beautiful castle and comment, ‘I want that too.’

But Dan is quick to tell you about all the years of hard work and sacrifice he put in which made that castle his own.

And it took Napoleon Hill all but 3 seconds to tell Andrew Carnegie he was willing to work the next 20 years for him without any sort of pay or compensation in order to succeed.

So in light of what these two great men have accomplished, answer this for me:

“What are YOU willing to pay for your financial freedom?”

What are YOU willing to DO in order to have the things you’ve always wanted inyour life?

(What price are you going to pay if you DON’T do what it takes!)

People who have little can feel the pain of their circumstances and are more apt to do something to make a change in their lives. This is because we all naturally move toward pleasure and away from pain. Their challenge of course is that they have to learn a whole new way of doing things.

Those who have a lot and still strive to reach higher goals usually have some of the success principles already at work in their lives and need new strategies and paradyms.

Where do YOU fit in here?

Are you struggling to make ends meet? Are you saddled down with mortgages and other types of debt?

Or are you somewhere in the middle…where you have some, just enough to keep you moving on the hamster wheel of life each day?

9 out of 10 people tell me they’re 110% committed to doing what it takes to succeed.

You know what? All but 1 or 2 of those 9 people are simply talking and not ready to actually roll up their sleeves and scrape their knuckles getting the work done.

I’m telling you this:

“You have to choose financial freedom and then be willing to do what it takes to make it happen.”

You cannot hope for it.
You cannot wish it into existence.
And you cannot gain it from outside yourself.

We don’t all have to be Dan Penas and Napoleon Hills.

But take the wisdom from their achievements and make it your own.

If you can’t dedicate your next 20 years or if you’re not willing to sacrifice the precious moments of being with your family in order to get your own castle, then at least do this:

Take a small step.

Make an extra sales call.

Get up 20 minutes earlier each day to work on your vision or work out your muscles.

Cut out ONE TV show and get working on your future.

Choose It. Commit To It. Make It Happen.

Keith Matthew
Pathways To Power, LLC

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Napoleon Hill And Dan Pena Knew This Success Secret

Law of Attraction Classics: Your Invisible Power – How I Attracted Twenty Thousand Dollars – Genevieve Behrend

In the laboratory of experience in which my newly revealed relation to Divine operation was to be tested, the first problem was a financial one. My income was a stipulated one, quite enough for my everyday needs.

But it did not seem sufficient to enable me to go comfortably to England where Troward lived, and remain for an indefinite period to study with so great a teacher as he must be. So before inquiring whether Troward took pupils or whether I would be eligible in case he did, I began to use the paragraph I had memorized.

Daily, in fact, almost hourly, the words were in my mind: “My mind is a center of Divine operation, and Divine operation means expansion into something better than has gone before.”

From the Edinburgh Lectures I had read something about the Law of Attraction, and from the Chapter of “Causes and Conditions” I had gleaned a vague idea of visualizing.

So every night, before going to sleep, I made a mental picture of the desired $20,000. Twenty $1,000 bills were counted over each night in my bedroom, and then, with the idea of more emphatically impressing my mind with the fact that this twenty thousand dollars was for the purpose of going to England and studying with Troward, I wrote out my picture, saw myself buying my steamer ticket, walking up and down the ship’s deck from New York to London, and, finally, saw myself accepted as Troward’s pupil.

This process was repeated every morning and every evening, always impressing more and more fully upon my mind Troward’s memorized statement: “My mind is a center of Divine operations.” I endeavored to keep this statement in the back part of my consciousness all the time with no thought in mind as how the money might be obtained.
Probably the reason why there was no thought of the avenues through which the money might reach me was because I could not possibly imagine where the $20,000 would come from. So I simply held my thought steady and let the power of attraction find its own ways and means.

One day while walking on the street, taking deep breathing exercises, the thought came: “My mind is surely a center of Divine operation. If God fills all space, then God must be in my mind also; if I want this money to study with Troward that I may know the truth of Life, then both the money and the truth must be mine, though I am unable to feel or see the physical manifestations of either; still,” I declared, “it must be mine.”

While these reflections were going on in my mind, there seemed to come up from within me the thought: “I am all the substance there is.” Then, from another channel in my brain the answer seemed to come, “Of course, that’s it; everything must have its beginning in mind.

The “I” the Idea, must be the only one and primary substance there is, and this means money as well as everything else.” My mind accepted this idea, and immediately all the tension of mind and body was relaxed.

There was a feeling of absolute certainty of being in touch with all the power Life has to give. All thought of money, teacher, or even my own personality, vanished in the great wave of joy which swept over my entire being.

I walked on and on with this feeling of joy steadily increasing and expanding until everything about me seemed aglow with resplendent light. Every person I passed was illuminated as I was. All consciousness of personality had disappeared, and in its place there came that great and almost overwhelming sense of joy and contentment.

That night when I made my picture of the twenty thousand dollars it was with an entirely changed aspect. On previous occasions, when making my mental picture, I had felt that I was waking up something within myself. This time there was no sensation of effort. I simply counted over the twenty thousand dollars.

Then, in a most unexpected manner, from a source of which I had no consciousness at the time, there seemed to open a possible avenue through which the money might reach me.

At first it took great effort not to be excited. It all seemed so wonderful, so glorious to be in touch with supply. But had not Troward cautioned his readers to keep all excitement out of their minds in the first flush of realization of union with Infinite supply, and to treat this fact as a perfectly natural result that had been reached through our demand?

This was even more difficult for me than it was to hold the thought that “all the substance there is, I am; I (idea) am the beginning of all form, visible or invisible.”

Just as soon as there appeared a circumstance which indicated the direction through which the twenty thousand dollars might come, I not only made a supreme effort to regard the indicated direction calmly as the first sprout of the seed I had sown in the absolute, but left no stone unturned to follow up that direction by fulfilling my part. By so doing one circumstance seemed naturally to lead to another, until, step-by-step, my desired twenty thousand dollars was secured. To keep my mind poised and free from excitement was my greatest effort.

This first concrete fruition of my study of Mental Science as expounded by Troward’s book had come by a careful following of the methods he had outlined. In this connection, therefore, I can offer to the reader no better gift than to quote Troward’s book, “The Edinburgh Lectures,” from which may be derived a complete idea of the line of action I was endeavoring to follow.

In the chapter on Causes and Conditions he says: “To get good results we must properly understand our relation to the great impersonal power we are using. It is intelligent, and we are intelligent, and the two intelligences must co-operate.

We must not fly in the face of the Law expecting it to do for us what it can only do through us; and we must therefore use our intelligence with the knowledge that it is acting as the instrument of a greater intelligence; and because we have this knowledge we may and should cease from all anxiety as to the final result.

In actual practice we must first form the ideal conception of our object with the definite intention of impressing it upon the universal mind -it is this thought that takes such thought out of the region of mere casual fancies -and then affirm that our knowledge of the Law is sufficient reason for a calm expectation of a corresponding result, and that therefore all necessary conditions will come to us in due order.

We can then turn to the affairs of our daily life with the calm assurance that the initial conditions are either there already or will soon come into view. If we do not at once see them, let us rest content with the knowledge that the spiritual prototype is already in existence and wait till some circumstance pointing in the desired direction begins to show itself.

It may be a very small circumstance, but it is the direction and not the magnitude that is to be taken into consideration.

As soon as we see it we should regard it as the first sprouting of the seed sown in the Absolute, and do calmly, and without excitement, whatever the circumstances seem to require, and then later on we shall see that this doing will in turn lead to a further circumstance in the same direction, until we find ourselves conducted, step by step, to the accomplishment of our object.

In this way the understanding of the great principle of the Law of Supply will, by repeated experiences, deliver us more and more completely out of the region of anxious thought and toilsome labor and bring us into a new world where the useful employment of all our powers, whether mental or physical, will only be an unfolding of our individuality upon the lines of its own nature, and therefore a perpetual source of health and happiness; a sufficient inducement, surely, to the careful study of the laws governing the relation between the individual and the Universal Mind.”

To my mind, then as now, this quotation outlines the core and center of the method and manner of approach necessary for coming in touch with Infinite supply. At least it, together with the previously quoted statement, “My mind is a center of Divine operation,” etc., constituted the only apparent means of attracting to myself the twenty thousand dollars.

My constant endeavor to get into the spirit of these statements, and to attract to myself this needed sum, was about six weeks, at the end of which time I had in my bank the required twenty thousand dollars. This could be made into a long story, giving all the details, but the facts, as already narrated, will give you a definite idea of the magnetic condition of my mind while the twenty thousand dollars was finding its way to me.

Law of Attraction Classics: Your Invisible Power – How I Attracted Twenty Thousand Dollars – Genevieve Behrend

The Power Of Appreciation – An Essential Life Ingredient

Many people are unaware of the power contained within us to harness a unique force known as the power of appreciation. The power of appreciation enables us to channel our inner most thoughts to overcome any obstacle in our way. We can unleash the power of appreciation so that our lives are free of fear, worry and anxiety. Our lives will become satisfying and the rewards we seek will be manifested and we will start to enjoy every moment of our existence.

Are you getting excited about knowing how to introduce the power of appreciation into your own life? If the answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’ then you should definitely read on.

In reality all of us already possess the power of appreciation but as part of our ‘growing up’ most of us have been taught to concentrate our thoughts on how we go about stopping bad things happening to us. With our focus on the negative area of life we have little life energy left to direct towards attracting the good things into our lives.

The art of being able to fully appreciate the benefits of the power of appreciation begins when we cast away the negativity in our lives, that is, we purposefully stop worrying about all the aspects of our existence that causes us grief. We stop being driven by our desire to improve our floundering personal relationships, our poor financial position and other negative situations.

If we actively direct our mind to focus on the positive aspects of our lives, such as the simple acceptance that we live in a safe environment or own a car that works, can put our mind into the state that it needs to be in for the power of appreciation to be called into action. Look at the positive aspect of your situations rather than the negative and once it becomes second nature, and it will if you foster the concept, you will begin to enjoy the truly magical benefits in your life.

You will become more content with your own being and purpose as well as becoming more understanding of others and their individual circumstances and problems.

At this point it is important to understand that it is impossible to switch on and off this force because it should be seen as a constant feature in our way of life more than the occasional tool to help us when we need support. The key to the power of appreciation is to begin to truly incorporate the concept into our everyday mind set.

Don’t let the simplicity of the power of appreciation fool you, as once embraced it will completely change your life and its direction in the most positive ways imaginable.

Remember, the quality of your life is linked directly to the degree of your commitment to accepting that the power of appreciation is the governing force in your life. You have two distinct options available to you, firstly, you choose to feel depressed and unhappy that your life is not a level you want it to be at. Or secondly, as a contrast, you can choose to find something that you are content and appreciative about and in doing so activate the power of appreciation.

How can you find something to appreciate?” This truly becomes a simple process if you just consider the following statement:

‘I appreciate the food that I eat. I appreciate the sunshine. I appreciate the relationship that I am in. I appreciate the air that I breathe. I appreciate the house that I live in. I appreciate everything in my life.’

Well, you may say “The food that rich people eat is much better than the food that I eat” or “The house that my neighbor lives in is so much more luxuriant than mine”, or “My relationship is dull and boring and lacks the excitement that we once had”. Maybe this is the case, however, it is true only because you have chosen to perceive it that way. You have the ability, through the power of appreciation, to change your perception totally.

For example you are aware that in relation to what you think about the food you are eating there are millions of children through out the world who are starving and would be in awe of what you consider to be a mundane diet.

Think about the relationship that you are in. Do you recall that your partner is always there for you when you need advice and guidance and all the wonderful memories you have shared over the years? Think about how lovely is feels to have a hug from someone that you have experienced so much with, and then realize that there are so many people who don’t have anyone in their life to share their memories with, not alone have the pleasure of a warm embrace.

Instead of focusing on where your relationship is lacking, try focusing on what is great in your relationship and appreciate what your partner has done for you and the wonderful things that you experience. By flipping your focus the Universe will provide you with more things in your relationship to be appreciative of.

Now, to activate the power of appreciation you have to purposely concentrate on holding that positive feeling of appreciation for as long as you possibly can. If you can keep the thought in the forefront of your mind on a regular basis (say 10 or 20 times each day) you are beginning to challenge the way you once thought and instead you are in a position to dramatically change your life for the better. Once it becomes a habit your life will never be the same. You will find yourself full of energy and happiness.

There are always positive and negative aspects to any circumstance in your life. So now, the choice is yours to either focus on the negativities or choose to appreciate the positive aspect of what you have and who you are. By changing your focus you will find a dramatic lift in the quality of your life. As I said earlier don’t let simplicity of this idea fool you, practice invoking the power of appreciation and you will find that miracles will soon begin to occur in your life.

The Power Of Appreciation – An Essential Life Ingredient

Synchronicity Will Lead You!

Have you ever considered the power of synchronicity when it comes to the Law of Attraction? Most often synchronicity is described as being the opposite of coincidence – coincidences being random and meaningless, and synchronicity being divinely orchestrated.

You may even be able to remember specific experiences that were spooky the way they unfolded? Like narrowly missing being involved in a car accident because you were delayed a few minutes when leaving work; or meeting the love of your life at your local coffee shop when you stopped in unexpectedly.

These types of events can make you ponder the concepts of free will and destiny for sure!

However, experiences like these don’t have to be random. You can learn to not only attract more of them into your life but use them to enhance your attraction abilities too.

That’s what happened to me when I first began to explore conscious creation more deeply. I had purchased a stack of books on the subject, and was slowly working my way through them. I kept them on a small bookshelf near my bed. One particular evening I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated because I couldn’t seem to work through some inner blockages. I decided to forget all this Law of Attraction stuff and instead do some light reading and go to bed early. As I reached for the Dean Koontz novel I was currently reading, I suddenly felt like my hand was being pushed away from it.

My attention was drawn to the shelf of Law of Attraction books nearby, and my eyes fell on one book in particular that I hadn’t read yet. For no apparent reason, I felt inspired to pick up that book and open to a random page. As I did so, I was amazed to realize that there, on this seemingly “random” page was the answer to my current blockage! From that moment on I was able to turn around my efforts and make tremendous progress.

This experience may sound hard to believe – or even downright “weird” – but it’s much more common than you may think! When you pay attention to your inner guidance and allow it to lead you, all kinds of wonderful and amazing things can happen.

If you’re ready to start using synchronicity more consciously in your own life, try these three steps:

1) Listen to your intuition.

Begin by spending time in meditation each day. Even 10 or 15 minutes is fine, but you can gradually increase the time if you wish. Sit or lie quietly and focus on calming your body and quieting your mind. Turn your attention inward and pay attention to your inner self. The more you do this, the more sensitive you’re going to become to your intuitive insights – and the more easily you’ll recognize when you’re being prompted!

2) Follow your heart and gut!

Several times throughout the day while you’re going about your usual activities, turn your attention inward again and notice if you’re being nudged in any particular direction. You might get a feeling that you shouldn’t do something you were going to do, or you may feel prompted to do something you weren’t considering before. Listen to these insights and follow where they lead!

3) Weirdness is a sign!

Synchronicity almost always shows up as something strange or eerie in some way. For example, you might dream that you’re reading a book with a green cover and have a sense that it contains powerful information. When you wake up from that dream you might feel a strong urge to visit your local bookstore. If you do, you’d likely stumble across a book (perhaps with a green cover!) that can help you on your current journey. Sometimes the way synchronicity arrives will seem to make no sense at all – but pay attention to it anyway!

The more you work with your intuition and be on the lookout for synchronicity, the more you’ll find yourself being led to the right place at the right time. This can involve not only opportunities to advance your knowledge but also inspired actions that will usher in the circumstances you’ve been dreaming of!

Synchronicity Will Lead You!

Change Your Thinking. Change Your Life.

Have you ever given up on a dream because you’ve listened to that ‘little voice’ in your head that tells you that you ‘can’t do it’ or ‘what’s the point?’ That inner voice is the critic inside of everyone that causes many bright futures to come to a screaming halt. Just like the mommy who freaks out when little Johnny runs with a stick, your inner ‘mom’ worries and frets over new challenges that arise, very often creating enough doubt to make you believe you can’t do it, whatever it may be.

There are times when listening to your ‘gut’ comes in handy, but for the most part, what is perceived as a gut reaction is simply fear of failure or rejection before the event even takes place. How can you squelch your inner critic so that you can move on and build the business that you dream of?

According to Jennie England’s article ‘Make Friends With Your Inner Critic’ from the direct sales resource ‘Build It Big’, there are steps you can take to transform your critic. First, listen to your inner voice and make a list of what you hear, elaborating on how you feel about each. Ms.England says that you should choose a response to what your critic tells you, and make a choice to ignore the negative. Remember to reaffirm your best qualities daily and you will ‘reprogram’ yourself to take your critic’s suggestions as positive messages rather than constant negatives. (Build It Big.

There is a concept that is finding a huge following with work at home moms or women who simply desire to create a positive life of abundance. Although this idea is in no way new, the Law of Attraction is changing the lives of people in amazing ways. Whether you’re a religious person or not, the basics are simple, you attract what you think. This theory too is another direction to follow for achieving your dreams and not allowing negativity to lead your life.

Choosing to challenge your ‘little voices’ and change your negative thinking will have an impact on every aspect of your life, creating positive habits that even your worst inner critic can’t bring down.

Change Your Thinking. Change Your Life.

Understanding Multiple Types Of Intelligences

IQ (Intelligence Quotient) Testing was invented by Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon. The first Intelligence scale was created in 1905. At that time, the French government commissioned a test to assess which student was more likely to succeed and which students were more likely to fail in the French school system.

Lewis Terman made some revisions to this assessment in 1930 and renamed it the Intelligence Test. During this time, intelligence quotient tests were used to measure children’s mental age against their chronological age.

Our school systems have come to rely on IQ and other standardized tests. This kind of testing puts a great deal of focus on verbal-linguistic and math-logical intelligences, but they have left out other types of intelligences.

In 1983, Dr. Howard Gardner stated that intelligence consists of three key components:

1. The ability to create an effective service or product that is of value to one’s community or culture.

2. A set of skills that enable a person to find solutions to problems encountered in life.

3. Having the potential for creating solutions for problems, and setting up systematic methods to enable people to acquire new knowledge.

Dr. Gardner has become a world-renowned authority on what is known as Multiple Intelligences. This theory has its roots on research that is based on extensive brain research, tests, interviews, and studies of hundreds of individuals.

Dr. Gardner studied the cognitive abilities of individuals who were accident victims, autistic, had strokes, were child prodigies, and some who had learning disabilities.

He came to the conclusion that intelligence is not an inborn, fixed trait that dominates a person’s problem solving abilities. It is each person’s different part of their brains that are more developed than other parts of their brain.

While these parts of the brain are interconnected, they can work independent of each other or they can work in synchronicity with each other to help that person learn, depending on the environment and the person’s preferences.

Having this in mind, Dr. Gardner pin-pointed eight different Intelligences that every person has, to varying extents. These intelligences are;


Eight Intelligences Defined

Linguistic/Verbal- these are individuals who will have sensitivity to the nuances of the spoken word. They love to read, write, and also tell stories. They are good at remembering places, dates, and names. Professionals with a strong verbal/linguistic intelligence are public speakers, teachers, actors, radio broadcasters, and writers.

Some examples are Charlton Heston and Abraham Lincoln.


These are individuals with a strong ability to reason. They are able to recognize and manipulate abstract relationships and patterns. People who have strong reasoning skills and problem-solving skills are especially strong in the math/logical intelligence. Professionals with this intelligence are computer programmers, lawyers, scientists, mathematicians, and accountants.

Some historical examples are Alexander Graham Bell and Albert Einstein.


Individuals with a strong spatial intelligence have the ability to create visual-spatial models and are able to transfer them mentally. They usually need a mental or physical “picture” to help them understand the ideas and concepts being presented. Professionals with this spatial intelligence are graphic artists, cartographers, sculptors, and architects.

Some historical figures include Pablo Picasso and Bobby Fischer.


Individuals with a highly developed musical intelligence are sensitive to the rhythm, itch, timbre, and composition of sound. They enjoy listening to music and may work as songwriters, vocalists, composers, or music teachers.

Some Historical examples include Mozart, Beethoven, and J.S. Bach.


Individuals with strong kinesthetic intelligence are drawn to the athletic field. They may also use their physical bodies to convey ideas, thoughts, and emotions and solve problems. They have good hand-eye coordination and usually have a tendency to move around a lot while expressing them.

Professionals with a high kinesthetic intelligence are dancers, inventors, athletes, and surgeons.
Some historical figures include Tiger Woods and Andre Agassi.


These individuals work effectively in group settings and are able to understand and recognize motivations, goals, and intentions of others. People with this intelligence thrive in group work situations and are very skilled at mediating, communicating and negotiating.

Professionals with interpersonal intelligence are therapists, social workers, counselors, teachers, and salespeople.

Historical examples include Ghandi and Mother Theresa.


Individuals with a strong intrapersonal intelligence possess the ability to understand their own goals, emotions and motivations. These people have very good instincts about their abilities and strengths. In the professional settings, these persons will be psychiatrists, philosophers, or religious leaders.

An historical example of this is Sigmund Freud.


These individuals are “earth lovers”, who have a strong affinity for nature. They enjoy learning about flora, fauna, and other nature topics. Professionals with this intelligence are farmers, botanists, biologists, and forest rangers.

Historical figures include John Muir and Charles Darwin.

Remember, that although this report has outlined specific traits, everyone has some level of ability in every intelligence. It is important that we learn how to cultivate each and every single one of these intelligences.

You Don’t Have To Be Smart To Be A Genius

Many of the most influential iconoclasts suffered from their own misalignment with the “status quo” of their times. Among them were;

Beethoven whose music teacher said of him, “As a composer, he’s hopeless”

Walt Disney a newspaper editor fired him because he had “no good ideas.”

Albert Einstein he was four years old before he was able to speak and seven before he was able to read

Thomas Edison his teachers told him he was too stupid to learn anything

With the Information Age being upon us, now is the time you can dig and soak up as much valuable information as possible on the Internet to help you develop all of your Multiple Intelligences.

Understanding Multiple Types Of Intelligences

How The Law Of Attraction Can Help You To Become Slim And Trim

The Law of Attraction has become the focus point of many discussions. It is true that already many people have experienced complete changes in their lives when they used the power of the Law of Attraction.

If a slim body has been one of your dreams and you were for one reason or another not able to lose weight or lose weight permanently you can do so now with the power of the Law of Attraction.

There are many weight loss program on the market that are promising good results. Many of them work as long as you stick to it. This is the hard part about any weight loss program. Some of the programs are also quiet pricey so not everybody can afford them.

The power of the Law of Attraction has become a way for people to lose their weight successfully once and for all!

There is a reason why sometimes weight loss programs only work for as long as you are on the program and why most people will gain their weight back after a relatively short period of time. The reason is your subconscious mind. You only use a small fraction of your mind consciously. The much larger part of your mind is working unconsciously. You therefore do not know what is going on in the unconsciously level of your mind.

But you are not really helpless! You do not have to stand there and let your subconscious part of your mind make all the secret decisions. You can train and program this subconscious mind to do and think what you really want. You are still in the driver’s seat when it comes to your weight and how to lose it. So here is what you can do to get started to a slimmer and trimmer you:

1. Change the way you are thinking about food. Change your thought patterns about how you think about yourself! This is important. The way you are thinking right now has brought you to where you are. The reason that you are over weight has much to do with your inner person and how you think on the level of your subconscious mind. We all have been programmed from a very early age on. As a child you may have been taught to always eat everything on your plate and other eating habits have been instilled since infancy. So there is some mental work involved in helping you to succeed. The Law of Attraction always works and it is concise.

2. Use meditation and affirmations as tools to change your patterns of thinking. Write down times and places when you eat and do this for about 2 weeks. You will discover a pattern and trigger points this information will help you to evaluate your eating habits.

You cannot expect results that come overnight but with some consistency and determination you will succeed when using the Law of Attraction. Always remember that the Law of Attraction responds to your feelings and emotions. Try to have positive thoughts and program your mind deliberately to help you to loose the weight that you always wanted to lose. Harness the power of the Law of Attraction! Ask for what you want and the Law of Attraction will bring it to you.

Focus on the positive aspects of losing weight and becoming a slim person. The way you feel will make a difference in your progress of succeeding. If you feel good about losing weight your will have a better chance of succeeding than if you feel you have to deny yourself food or that you may have to wait a long time to rich your goal. Try to implement positive and happy thought. Vibrate in a positive way during the time of your weight loss and make it a great experience and the Law of Attraction will bring more of the same to you.

How The Law Of Attraction Can Help You To Become Slim And Trim

How You Can Tell If This Is Your Ideal Partner:

All about the Law of Attraction how it works and how it can be applied

In order to be able to apply the Law of Attraction you first need to know all about the process of attraction. It can be applied on everyone. When we deal with strong emotions such as love you first need to have a constant visualization and to be able to make a special space designed for the loved one. It is highly important to have a well-defined idea as far as this special person is concerned and whom we want to have so close to our heart.

The Universe will be your helping hand:

Everyone has thought at least one in their life about an ideal partner. There are particular rules to be followed in order to be able to find this special partner. Unless you do so you will be in a conflict all the time you will be trying to find him/her. You must know for sure what that thing you want in your life is. When it comes to finding that special partner this doesn’t involve just one person but more about determining the main sensations, attitudes and wishes you desire to have in your life. That’s all you need to know; the Universe will do the rest.

If you are already involved in a relationship you are unhappy about, you need to start to figure out what your partner could be rather than maintaining the negative emotions you have. Try to understand how you can change the situation rather than analyzing the roots. Offer your partner the necessary time and space needed in order to achieve the positive emotions. Offer a shelter to the positive feelings and have good hopes about them.

Open yourself and create a connection with your inner guidance such as emotions, perceptions and instincts which will make the basis of the law of attraction. Never forget to treat and love yourself they way you would like to be loved and treated. The love towards you should not be bordered by anything. The vibration that governs our life changes as we meet new things and achieve new experiences and affects and applies in a certain way our love and also the law of attraction.

In case you notice that the things are not the one you hope for do not wait any longer. Move on and make some changes. You must feel good about the things you are doing. Should you need anything else, have no worries, the Universe will do it for you. No gaps will be left unfilled. All you need to do is to create the vibration conjunction with the loved one. This is what the law of attraction is all about.

How You Can Tell If This Is Your Ideal Partner:

Empowerment Through Choice

What is the one thing that will always make you feel empowered?

It is the ability to make a choice. The problem is that we often forget that there is a choice in absolutely everything. Even if external circumstances prevent us from doing what we prefer, we have a choice in how we are going to approach the situation. We have control over our attitude, thoughts and feelings.

Being “Stuck”

I often hear people talk about being “stuck” at their jobs. When asked why they don’t move to another job that would be more fulfilling, their reply: “I can’t because I need the health insurance” OR “I can’t because I’ve built up my retirement” and it goes on.

Do you notice anything interesting about those responses? They all revolve around the word “can’t”. The word can’t is disempowering… it’s pretty reasonable to assume if your thought processes around your job involve the word can’t, that you would feel “stuck”, because according to you, you can’t do anything about it.

What else did you notice about those responses? The one thing that I find interesting about them is that if you really dig deeper, you often find that these individuals place high value on their health insurance benefits or retirement packages and although they are unhappy and dissatisfied, the value of these benefits outweigh their dissatisfaction. So, essentially they have made a choice… the benefit to cost ratio tips in favor of the reason they stay.

Empowerment Via Choice

Here is how we are empowered through choice: We are empowered when we are aware that we are choosing something.

Instead of being “stuck” – ask yourself:
-What reasons do I give for staying in the current situation?
-What do I lose?
-What is more important to me right now?”

Once you answer those questions you will have made your choice AND as you are going through the questions and answers you will become aware of the fact that you are making a choice.

The next step would be to ask yourself: “How do I choose to feel about this decision?” This is where attitude comes in….

You Have The Power To Choose!

Empowerment Through Choice

The Teaching Of Abraham : Secrets Of The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction is an ancient law that has recently been brought to light through Esther Hicks. Esther Hicks channels spirits that collectively use the name “Abraham.”

According to the law of attraction “that which is like unto itself is drawn.” In simpler terms this can be expressed as like attracts like. It could also be said as – as you sow, so shall you reap; what goes around comes around; what your put out you get back and what you want, wants you.

Many successful people have lived by the positive philosophy of the law of attraction including, by self admission, Oprah Winfrey. The secret that is said to have once been known by Beethoven is now common knowledge thanks to the works of Esther Hicks and her husband Jerry Hicks.

The statement “ask and you shall receive” is common knowledge. The law of attraction says “Ask, believe, receive.” Abrahams secret teachings say how all things that are wanted or unwanted are brought to you by the law of attraction. A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking. Never before has the law of attraction been explained as clearly as it is here by Abraham through Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Let us examine the basics of the law of attraction. Once a vibration is activated by you, a response is given via the law of attraction. If you ask, you receive. According to the law of attraction, everything is valid and truthful. In the germination of the seed of your desire is everything that is necessary to make your desire true. You must relax and let the law of attraction organize and manage and then happily do your work.

The secret law of attraction that has now been revealed is a universal law. Universal laws cannot be changed or broken. They have been around since the dawn of creation. They apply to everything, everywhere. They are basic principles on which life is based.

The law of attraction, revealed by Abraham-Hicks is the most powerful force in the universe. Practice is needed to “get it” but once you get it you need never look back. The secret of the law of attraction is like attracts like. This means many things. You are a living magnet. Energy attracts energy. You get what you focus on whether you want it or not.

Though some people are better at attraction than others are, this does not mean the person with average law of attraction skills cannot get better of even surpass others. In working the secret law of attraction, always take inspired action. If something feels right, go ahead and do it. Always expect your desires to come true. Expect miracles to happen.

Money, relationships and jobs happen in our life according to our expectations. The moment we focus on them, they start moving toward us. The quality of desires we focus on affects what we get from life. Our thoughts and feelings must affirm the positive to bring in happiness into our lives.

Think you have as much money you want in your life. Then feel it. Also, believe it. Believe that you already have as much money as you want in your life. Be grateful for the money you have. Accept yourself as a rich person.

Do the same with relationships and with jobs. Think, believe, feel and accept yourself in a positive position on these and the positivity will come to you. This is the secret that has been revealed by Abraham-Hicks in the law of attraction

What we focus on is brought to us. If it is on having less, we create that experience for ourselves. If it is on having more we bring richness into our lives. The man who says he hates his job is creating this reality for himself by not noticing the good parts of his job. If we obsess on not having something, then we are blocking what we deserve from coming to us. The secret is wanting, believing and accepting what you desire in your life.

Most people focus on their not having things they want rather than having them. This is a negative thought process and blocks what we want from coming into out lives. Once a secret, it is now known that the law of attraction is not mystical mumbo jumbo but a fact that has been borne out in countless lives. Expect positivity and receive positivity. So think, feel and believe positive.

That is the law of attraction in a nutshell.

The Teaching Of Abraham : Secrets Of The Law Of Attraction