Confidence Through Neuro-linguistic Programming And Self-hypnosis

Self confidence is an emotional and mental state of mind which responds to our need for self-acceptance and recognition. It’s among the oldest and most studied concepts in psychology. It is used to describe a good albeit adequate perception of oneself and one’s abilities. Hence, self-confident persons generally have a better knowledge of what they are able to achieve and are more likely to be successful in what they attempt. They are also more likely to accept and learn from their mistakes.

Contrarily, a lack of confidence may deter you from trusting that your actions or decisions will ultimately turn out the way you had planned. It can thus hamper the buildup of executive skills, planning and managerial abilities all of which are basic and mandatory skills in today’s business world. The pre-occupation with other people’s judgment of your work might also cause you to become too self-critical, which will distract you from things you would have otherwise been totally able to do.

Low self confidence will also have an impact your social life, because people with a low level of self confidence tend to stay in their “comfort zone” and dread the risk of rejection. This is called social phobia and presents a high level of co-morbidity with low self confidence, but also other mental conditions such as depression. People with low self confidence are afraid of being judged by their peers and will avoid talking to new people, which can result in isolation and even lower self confidence. Low self confidence is a vicious circle that is hard to break.

On the other hand, because they believe in their own aptitudes, self-confident persons are able to do what they feel is right and don’t expect the approval of their peers. They also trigger confidence: your boss, employees, customers, friends or relatives are more likely to trust you or what you are telling them when you appear self-confident.

Different experiences can contribute to low self confidence. New research indicates that parenting style has a major impact on the development of the self confidence of children. Bodily and emotional abuses during childhood are for example the worse for a person’s self confidence, as well as divorce and family conflicts. Overprotective parents may also be a reason for a child’s social phobia and hamper the independence that is necessary to develop self confidence. Successes and failures, for example at school or in one’s professional life, also play a significant role: losing a job or failing a class are among the several experiences that will have a negative impact your self confidence.

There are nonetheless methods to overcome such bad experiences and gain self confidence. The first step to build self confidence would be to learn to know who you are and what your strengths are. Recognizing that you are allowed not to be perfect and cannot be the best in all that you do will help you gain self confidence. Accepting yourself as you are is the key to building self confidence. But improving self confidence also requires that you start taking risks and giving yourself credit for your accomplishments. This is very simple advice which will help you develop self confidence. You may also find many books which will claim they can help you gain self confidence, however not all of them are reliable.

A lot people suffer from low self confidence or are only able to gain self confidence in one or a few areas of their lives because they constantly look for other people’s approval and are afraid that they could fail. A lot of factors, like childhood traumas, can explain why some people cannot enjoy the wholesome life a self confident individual could have. These persons also do not always know how to gain self confidence. However gaining self confidence can now readily and effectively be done with hypnosis and NLP.

As we have seen before low self confidence and social phobia can be caused by bad experiences or unconscious fears which are sometimes hard to overcome with self persuasion only. Confidence hypnosis and NLP on the contrary are able to get to the unconscious part of our brain and change belief systems to boost self confidence. They are effective tools that will help you face your fears and believe in yourself to develop self confidence.

Hypnosis for building confidence has been in use for a few decades and has shown significant results in building self confidence. In a hypnotic state, reaching unconscious thoughts is a lot easier and, through hypnotic suggestion, it is possible to replace your negative thought patterns with positive ones to boost self-confidence.

Confidence Through Neuro-linguistic Programming And Self-hypnosis

Balancing Masculine & Feminine

The feminine spirit that has been reawakened in all here on the planet, out of considerable necessity, will help heal the Earth — must be reawakened for ultimate healing of the planet. This is not about the battle of masculine and feminine where many continue to get frozen in time. It is not about war with each other. It’s about embracing the understanding of the masculine and feminine within each of you so that you can bring it as a piece of whole truth, not half-truth.

Each of you have a masculine and feminine energy in your being, and both need to be activated and brought to an equal place. If you’re doing battle with the outside masculine and feminine gender, you can assume that you are most definitely in inner conflict with yourself. You need the balance of both aspects of masculine and feminine energy, which has nothing to do with gender. It is about energy, and this is why, of course, all the confusion at this time which seems to he brought to the focus of sexuality, when that is clearly not the issue. The issue is of energy. So, when you find others about you who are angry with the opposite gender, ask them to look inside and heal, not project more isolation and separation to the outside world.

The Earth at this time and all beings who walk upon it need to be loved, need to he held, need to be held in community, in connection to Truth, not separate. It is time to bring balance, because you cannot take the next step without being in balance. You have been walking on one foot. You must be at peace –you must be balanced to take these next steps, and for those of you who have this illusion that being alone is balanced, you need to take a further, deeper look inside. You can be balanced on the inside emotionally as much as you can be, but that is only one piece or one side of the scale.

You had to learn to do the solo to understand and learn the dance. You had to learn to dance by the self so that you did not dance in dependence with another. However, one can only hold energy so long by the dance of themselves. This is nothing about relationships of the past. This is about connection to energy balances of the now, so that you’re walking Foundation and Truth, not confusion and chaos, but balance and harmony. Do not find it a coincidence that you will be touched with a new heart-opening situation, whether it be in the connection that you are already in or a further one that will come along the path. This is the new step to take you higher. This next step will lead you to your balanced and aligned partnership.

Balancing Masculine & Feminine

Employee Motivation: Key To Company Success

Picture this: You’re the owner of a seat manufacturing company that produces seating for wheelchairs, auditoriums, and cars. You have approximately 100 employees, 90 percent of which are upholsters, sewers, gluers, and material cutters. The other 10 percent are office staff. Basically, you have a diverse group of employees, each with different jobs, concerns, and needs. The big question is: How do you motivate all of these people?

Treat your employees well and your company will succeed:
If you are a smart business owner, you will realize that employee motivation at the workplace is essential to a company’s success. If your employees don’t respect their bosses, their jobs, and their company, then your business will not thrive.

Your employees must WANT to work at your company. They must have pride in their jobs, as well as the product that they are making. This about it this way: If your employees truly believe in what they are doing, they are most likely going to output a high-quality product in as quickly a manner as possible. In the end, your customers will benefit from this. Your company will benefit from this. And your employees will the benefit from this. Success is truly a chain reaction that begins and ends with employee motivation.

Put yourself in the shoes of your employees:
So how do you get your diverse mix of employees motivated? Why would anyone want to wake up at 7 AM five days a week to sew material to make seats for wheelchairs?

Would you get up to do this if, hanging above your department, you saw photos of the disabled people using the seats you stitched? Would you get up to do this if you were able to voice your ideas for new seats to your boss and to the whole company in weekly meetings? Would you get up to do this if you were given pay incentives or other types of rewards for the number or quality grade of seats you got done in a month?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then you would be considered a motivated employee. At least one of these things would have challenged you and would have given you reason to come in to work.

Think about some key points that enhance employee motivation:

-Every employee wants to feel appreciated in some way.

-Every employee wants to be given some sort of proof that what he or she did bettered the world, the community, or just the company in some sort of way.

-Every employee wants to feel that his or her opinion is at least heard – whether or not it is actually used. Having the opportunity to voice an opinion and bring new ideas to the table is a positive thing for both an employee and a company.

-Every employee wants to be rewarded for a job well done. It is understandable that large raises and elaborate prizes cannot always be available. But sometimes a simple acknowledgement from an owner or a boss can mean a great deal.

As a business owner, or as a boss, understand that one wants to work hard only to end up feeling unappreciated in the end. In a corporate world where money and power appear to mean success, it is key to remember that without good employee motivation at the basic level nothing else would be possible.

Employee Motivation: Key To Company Success

Color Yourself In!

It’s noisy out there!

And every business wants to get noticed. We’re living in an “overcommunicated” society. Consumers are on information overload. That’s what marketing gurus, Al Ries and Jack Trout, told us 25 years ago. And that was before the Internet and Blackberries and Podcasts. So how can you grab the attention of your audience?

Ever wonder why the telephone companies use frogs and dimes and monkeys and beavers and geckos in their ads? Why? Because you can’t SEE phone service.

We have to learn to create a visual when we speak, so that people can see what we’re saying. We can’t present ourselves in black and white like in a kid’s coloring book. Pick up a crayon or two and color yourself in!

Whenever I say this, someone always asks me, “But Tsufit, what if I don’t have any color?” You do. You just have to find it. Sometimes you have to really dig for it.

A client came to see me a few years ago because she had to give a speech about her Speaker’s Bureau to a bunch of professional speakers. She was shaking in her boots (OK, so I’m exaggerating a bit) because she, herself, wasn’t a professional speaker and her previous speaking engagements hadn’t gone well. She came to me to help her add a bit of color to an otherwise dry “how to” speech.

When I interviewed her I found out that she had grown up on a tomato farm and that when she was a kid, she helped her dad pick the tomatoes and take them to market.

I said “Isn’t that more or less what you’re doing now, only with speakers? Picking them and taking them to market.” So we came up with a whole tomato analogy for speakers, how some are still seedlings, some are still green, some are ripe and plump and juicy and ready for market and others are just plain rotten! She did the speech and reported that she had a whole line up of people waiting to speak to her afterwards. She had found her color!

If you can’t do it on your own, ask a friend to interview you or hire a coach. Ask yourself questions about what you wanted to be when you were a kid, your hobbies, what’s quirky about you, what’s unusual–even if it has nothing to do with your business; we’ll make those connections later. When I was a lawyer, I had a mug that said “Lawyers and Painters Can Turn Black Into White”. Now I show people how to turn black and white into color.

Use your words as paintbrushes. Like I said, when you speak, when you write, pick up a crayon or two and color yourself in!

Color Yourself In!

Feng Shui Study

Feng Shui is relevant to any body. You can practice Feng Shui in any situation and living environment. Anyone who is interested in knowing about nature and is interested in improving the quality of life forself and others is sure to be benefited by Feng Shui study.

But before you take up the Feng Shui study it is important to know that there are many schools of Feng Shui and there are many variations that exist within each school. What ever school you might consider for your Feng Shui study, remember the basic principles and theories (Feng Shui elements, concept of yin and yang, Feng Shui Colors ) would remain the same but there can be some variation in the tools that are used for analysis and interpretations.

The following information provides you a brief introduction to various schools of Feng Shui:

Flying Star Feng Shui

Flying Star or Xuan Kong Feng Shui is the most advanced level of Feng Shui study, it adds a time dimension to a building’s energy. The advanced Compass School also integrates the Eight House Theory to provide a comprehensive & professional analysis of a house.

Feng Shui study under this school enables you to predict the good times and the bad times from year to year, month to month and day to-day based which are based on the natal or the birth day chart of each house.

Feng Shui consultant of this school suggests enhancements for every home after a complete Feng Shui study is made to know how the nine different “stars” or energies are moving or flying to different compass directions every year, month, day and hour. Base Charts of all nine periods are constructed based on the study. The residents’ dates of birth are also taken into account. The school also gives consideration to the form as it affects the stars.

Compass School Feng Shui

Compass School divides the structure into the eight compass directions using a lo pan compass. Each person has four good compass directions and four bad compass directions which are based on their year of birth and gender, the person either belongs to either the East Group or the West Group. A building’s sitting direction determines whether it is an East or West Group structure. Each compass direction has a Feng Shui element associated with it: water, wood, earth, metal, or fire. A Feng Shui consultant who is proponent of this school suggests best compass directions for sleeping and working which can tremendous affect for improving your life.

Form School Feng Shui
Under the ‘The Form School of Feng Shui’ one makes a systematic Feng Shui study to understand how the shapes and forms of the surrounding landscape and waterways affect people living or working in a structure. The four cardinal directions of the compass are represented by four animals which are the Green Dragon of the East, the White Tiger of the West, the Red Phoenix of the South and the Black Turtle of the North. Interior forms and the layout of the structure are also analyzed and Feng Shui consultation is made by understanding the many implications of the color.

Western Feng Shui/BTB (Black Hat Sect Tibetan Buddhist)/Pyramid

This is a modern version of Feng Shui developed in the mid 1980s and is a combination of Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism ,Psychology and Traditional Feng Shui and is based on a more spiritual approach. The structure is divided into eight sections and a bagua or Ba Gua map is aligned with the entry door, rather than actual compass directions. Each section corresponds to a different life aspiration. The Feng Shui study gives more emphasis on placing of symbols. The Feng Shui consultation also draws from modern psychology and design principles besides the ancient wisdom. Its guiding principle is that changing the subtle energetic (Chi) alignments and flows in a given space can change a situation’s inherent intention, hence changing the fate of its inhabitants.

Feng Shui Study

One can go for Feng Shui study for any of the Feng Shui School mentioned above in a distance learning mode. There are available many certified continuing education providers on the internet.

The Feng Shui study helps you to have deep and clear understanding of the energetics of environment; discovering how to begin balancing and positively activating energy in your working and living environments. It is only after a proper Feng Shui study that you are in position to explore new ideas and techniques and learn to extend the basic principles of Feng Shui to healing your body, mind and spirit.

Feng Shui Study

The Gift Of ADD: Gremlin Or Ipod

Through out the online ADD Community there is some what of an on going debate about whether ADD is a gift. ADD expert Edward Hallowell describes ADD as a gift that needs to be unwrapped. I like to think of ADD more like one of those gifts that I have unwrapped but just have no idea what to do with. It’s also like one of those gifts that I didn’t ask for but somebody just felt the need to give to me.

ADD reminds me of the movie Gremlins. If I remember correctly Gizmo was a cute fun little guy but had to be cared for by following very specific directions. If those directions were not followed to the “T” all hell broke loose. I supposed the same could be said about a person with ADD. With proper care and feeding people with ADD can thrive. With out proper care and feeding the life of those with ADD can resemble the movie Gremlins.

Maybe ADD really is a gift that we didn’t ask for but have no choice but to keep. Maybe all we need is somebody who actually knows what to do with it and can teach us how to use it. Just think about a gift like an Ipod, if somebody didn’t know what it was or how to use, it would just seem like a weird piece of metal. However once somebody explains what it’s for and all of the uses it becomes so much more.

I’m not saying that ADD is really truly like a Gremlin or an iPod but there are some similarities to both of them. I guess depending on what each person does to manage his or her own ADD, he or she can compare it to another type of gift too.

The Gift Of ADD: Gremlin Or Ipod

How I Lost The Secret Of Dazzling Success For 20 Years

Ever heard of the Fuller Brush Man? You know, those legendary guys who came knocking on the front doors of America, selling brushes, mops and cleaners?

I was one of them, back in my early twenties.

I had just quit a job in an employment agency after four-and-a-half very long, very stressful days.

Confined for eight hours a day to an incredibly tiny cubicle, ear pressed to the phone calling through the yellow pages trying to find job listings, then on my very first interview having to lie to a girl about a fictitious job the boss had advertised to pull in applicants. (Can you say bait-and-switch?)

That girl knew I was lying, and when she walked out the door, I walked out, too, almost on her heels.

So when I started a new job selling door-to-door, it seemed like heaven in comparison. No cubical – I was outdoors in the June sunshine and balmy breezes. No telephone – I was talking to people face to face.

And no lying. If I didn’t think a product measured up, I simply didn’t put it in my case; I only showed what I thought was the best.

I was ecstatic from the first minute of the first day.

Every house I walked up to, my heart sang and I said over and over to myself, “I am SO-O-O-O-O-O glad to be out here and not trapped in that cubical.”

I was deliriously happy to be where I was. Overjoyed to be doing what I was doing.

And sell? Man, I sold just about half of all the people I talked to. Back in the early sixties, a hundred-dollar-day was the holy grail of Fuller Brush men. Sales people would stay out till eight or nine o’clock every night trying to nail that hundred dollar mark.

But not me. I knocked off every afternoon about five or five-thirty with $120 or $130 worth of receipts in my order book.

Then, after a few weeks, something quietly changed. My sales began to sag. Each morning saw me going out a little less enthusiastic. I spent increasing amounts of time trying to figure out what was going wrong.

After a few months, I left that job, utterly disappointed in myself.

Afterwards I wondered how I could have taken something so obviously perfect for me and messed it up so badly.

In fact, that question followed me, haunted me for twenty long years. Eventually, though, I figured it out.

The secret had been right in front of my nose all those years, but just as a fish can’t see the water it swims in, I had been unable to repeat that undeniable success.

My big secret? It was simple, really.

I had filled my mind with thankfulness – undiluted gratitude – unreserved joy at being right where I was, doing exactly what I was doing.

Then, twenty years later, when I started being thankful again – but deliberately, this time – my life changed back.

Suddenly, all sorts of “serendipitous” things started occurring. People I barely knew started bringing me terrific opportunities.

Mark this: Joyous stuff started happening AFTER I went back to being overjoyed with my life.

Make no mistake – there were still challenges that needed to be dealt with. But I stopped seeing “problems” as personal affronts deliberately sent by life to impede me. In fact, with the right mindset, I couldn’t see problems at all. Instead, they looked like fascinating puzzles to solve and games to enjoy sorting out.

And even now, anytime I feel life becoming a bit too stressful, a bit too heavy, a bit less fun, I make myself stop and – against all logic – I start looking at all the stuff around me and calling it good.

And yes, I even make myself say, “I am SO-O-O-O-O glad to be right here, right now.” And I don’t stop saying that until I can feel it taking hold.

Now, I realize that on the surface, there is absolutely no logic to this practice… except for one tiny thing.

It works.

So if you decide to try this approach, do this: make a list of all your major problems and start through them, one at a time, saying, “I am so glad this is happening. This is actually very interesting now that I look at it closely, and I’m lucky to be here so I can gain some great new knowledge from this. I am SO-O-O-O-O glad.”

Warning: you’ve got to put some real oomph into it. Some real feeling. Just saying the words without working up some enthusiasm is like writing a letter without a pen in your hand. You’re going through all the motions, but no communication takes place.

So do that, and keep doing it till it starts taking hold.

How can you tell when it’s taking hold?

There are two signs. First, you begin to lose that tense, blocked, frustrated feeling. And second, your life starts working FOR you instead of AGAINST you. Lots of little things start going right instead of wrong. People begin treating you like you’ve always wanted them to.

And you go to bed each night feeling like you’ve just had a wonderful day.

If you’ve tried and tried all the logical stuff and your life is still a mess, try being illogical. Try being thankful for everything you’ve got.

Including the mess.

And you’ll find, just as I have, that indeed there is a miracle in every mess.

How I Lost The Secret Of Dazzling Success For 20 Years

Achieve Your Vital Career Goals . Record Clear Goals and Follow the 15 Easy Steps to Career Success.

Career Goal Setting involves recording clear objectives and the actions required to achieve them. The main reason people do not achieve goals is that they do not set any
To begin with. Use the following steps to focus your efforts and maximize your goal achievements. You can also use this process to set or team or group goals.

1) Define your goals clearly in writing. Writing down your goals increases the likelihood of achieving your chosen goals by at least 75 %. It increases your sense of
commitment, clarifies required steps in the achievement process, and helps you remember important details.

2) Identify and focus on the benefits to you as well as others of achieving your goals. This is a most strong important motivator.

3) Define the purpose of your goals. Link your goals to a practical, specific purpose. To boost your own motivation, base your goals on inspiration, not just on simple logic.

4) Identify your supportive forces. Examples of supportive forces include instructors , books, training people who encourage you to persevere , skilled coaches or mentors , and printed as well as online research materials

5) Develop an action plan, set deadlines and act. Establish sub goals. Divide each main goal into logical progressive steps. Set deadlines for completing each step, and complete the steps on time.

6) Establish priorities. Take action in order of priority.

7) Make a public commitment. If appropriate, share your goals with someone who encourages you to go the extra mile. This will increase your sense of responsibility.

8) Be realistic about limitations. Do not set a short term goal to get a job requiring more education. Set separate goals to get an education, take an interim job, and then reach the ultimate goal.

9) Use positive self talk and affirmation statements. Do this each and every day. As often as humanely possible. Do them compulsively as if you were a Moslem completing his 3 daily prayer routines. Write down your statements and post them prominently in your bedroom, on your fridge and so that you can see them in the mirror in your car.

10) Use positive visualization. This more than boosts goal achievement

11) Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice new skills regularly. Get additional information, training, coaching and feedback on your progress.

12) Evaluate and revise goals as necessary. Evaluate your ongoing progress. Experiment from time to time with new methods especially if you are not getting the results you want. But most importantly remember to be patient. Rome was not built in a day. However if necessary you may want to revise your goals.

13) Persevere. Stay the course until you succeed.

14) Reward Yourself. Rewards are excellent motivators. As you make progress toward your goals, do something nice for yourself that you enjoy.

15) Record progress on your goals. As simplistic as it seems, al long series of check marks on a calendar or a wall chart may actually, motivate you by providing a vital sense of accomplishment. Do not let missing an occasional daily goal deter you, however. Keep focusing on your ultimate chosen goals.

Remember that your career goals are most important to you and your success. By setting career goals you are on the road to obtaining your ultimate success.

By recording clear goals and following the 15 steps outlines you will focus your hard won efforts and maximize your winnings.

Achieve Your Vital Career Goals . Record Clear Goals and Follow the 15 Easy Steps to Career Success.

Remember that your career goals are most important to you and your success. By setting career goals you are on the road to obtaining your ultimate success. Get Ahead with Dynamic Goal Setting . Follow the simple steps of dynamic goal setting to your career success . By recording clear goals and following the 15 steps outlines you will focus your hard won efforts and maximize your winnings.

Achieve Your Vital Career Goals . Record Clear Goals and Follow the 15 Easy Steps to Career Success.

Is Anger Management Too Intricate?

The uncontrolled anger in a person owes a lot to the scenario where he or she was born and brought up. A self-segregated mind, at times proves to be too reluctant to suppress the furious emotions even on the pins and needles of small stuff. In such people anger or fury is an outcome of depression. A revised thought has to be made when dealing with such cases, since anger management should not necessarily be the only tool to bring them back to normalcy. We often find another category of people, who gets agitated to fellow beings at stuffs of international concern. This simple act of expressionism to the fellow beings can even lead to serious rivalry and there are a lot of known cases of incidents like this. These people often uphold some principles of their own, which they consider being supreme and would love to get accepted by the rest.

Even though anger varies from self anger to anger of international concern, the fact is that, anger management techniques don’t tend to be too distinct to angers of different origins. It will be judicious to stick to the point that it is not true to plot self anger and anger of international concern at the two extremes in the scale of angers from low to high. A sensible thinking suggests, all sorts of angers basically find the roots to be similar and all the angers are equally likely to be considered as negligible as well as countable, at the same time.

A better understanding of anger is the best anger management technique. Realize the fact that the only two powers to control you-in your wish, in your love, in your desperations, so as in your anger are the perennial, the eternal God and the other being, yourself. Acquiring entire command in situations of anger would prove to be worthy in keeping a person aloof from the so-called scenario. Inculcate an ability to identify, even a minute emotional altercation in you, and restrict yourself breaking out. When you start accepting yourself as such, when you begin to ponder your negatives and accept it, when you try to respect others opinion while presenting yours, you will find yourself pacified in what all things you interfere and sanity would be back to the proceedings. All this can be attained through a simple anger management technique.

Yes we’re talking about hypnosis. You may be surprised to hear the suggestion of hypnosis in such a treatment, but it can work wonders to improve your personality and gain a command over situations you are faced with each day. Hypnosis has long been used and today it is an accepted contemporary treatment procedure. Hypnosis is used to correct many pathological or self-inflicted conditions. This will help you calm down and restore a situation. You can begin right away by getting your copy of the hypnosis cd. Download your version and get started. Listen to your hypnosis speech and you’ll feel the change. So if it’s anger that worries you, next time before all hell breaks loose, let hypnosis take over.

Is Anger Management Too Intricate?

Pursuit Of Happiness In Life: 3 Things That Stand In The Way Of Finding True Happiness

Most humans spend their entire life in pursuit of happiness, but many never stand a chance of finding true happiness. So what is the reason that so many people are not happy? What is the secret to happiness? There are actually three important roadblocks to our personal happiness.

The first, and most critical, hurdle to finding true happiness is that we do not know ourselves. The real secret to happiness is knowing what is important to you personally. The simple truth is that there is not one universal path to happiness because every person is different and has different dreams and needs. While for one person creating something might be the path to happiness for another person it might be nurturing others. However, we are too often focused on the wrong goals because we listen to popular culture or other people. If we spend the time and energy to really concentrate on our dreams, and shut out the distractions, then we can find the key to unlocking our own happiness.

Another roadblock in our pursuit of happiness is giving too much power to things that do not matter. I have a friend who obsesses over having a clean house and making sure her family is clean and neat whenever they leave home. She gripes about how much time these obsessions take away from her time with her family. I am the opposite. While I do wish my house was cleaner I decided when my son was born that when I was old I would not look back and regret having a messy house but that I would regret not spending time with my child. While cleaning is on my priority list, it always falls below my child and when he is old and gray I am confident he will remember that as well as I do. Too often we spend a lot of time and energy focused on things that do not matter in the long run. Letting the dishes sit in the sink one night while you play a game with your child or pursue a hobby you love will contribute more to your happiness than making sure you do those dishes and then missing out on the life you love.

The final critical element that blocks true happiness for many people is not giving the things that make us happy enough weight in our life. Too often we dwell on the things we do not have–the bigger house, the newer car, the better job–rather than what we already have that makes us happy–the significant relationships, the happy home, the rewarding career. The next time you feel unhappy make a list of all that is going right in your life. Chances are that list is a lot longer than you thought and simply reviewing it will make you feel better.

The pursuit of happiness should be a lifelong journey but the path to finding true happiness can be rewarding and enjoyable if we remember to know ourselves, let go of the things that do not matter, and remember the things that do.

Pursuit Of Happiness In Life: 3 Things That Stand In The Way Of Finding True Happiness