Build Your Self Esteem

Some people seem to have been born with a great deal of self-confidence. This is not really the case, although a healthy self-esteem does stem from childhood. Young children who are influenced by caring parents and other adults who take the time to instill a sense of self worth will grow into confident adults.

Children who do not grow up in a positive atmosphere, will likely suffer the pain of low self-esteem in adulthood. They will feel badly about themselves and lack the confidence needed to realize their goals and dreams. The worst part of all is that low self-esteem is totally false. Every person is someone special, with unique talents and gifts that no one else can offer.

Convincing a person of low self-esteem that they are special is not easy, but it is essential in rebuilding his or her sense of self worth. How we view ourselves, and our accomplishments, will ultimately determine how we act and react in everyday situations. If we expect people to think of us in a negative way, it’s almost certain that they will. On the other hand, if we think people should value us, they most likely will. Treating ourselves with respect will encourage others to hold us in high esteem.

Building self-esteem is not always easy to do, but there are tools and programs available to help. Some people choose to acquire and use self-help books, videos, tapes and CDs. Others seek professional counseling. Improving self-esteem starts with changing the way you think about yourself. By reducing negative thoughts and increasing positive ones, you will naturally build your confidence and your sense of self worth.

It can take time and hard work to let go of negative childhood influences and rebuild self- esteem. With help and patience, anyone can improve their self-worth. The effort will be rewarded with a greater sense of value and the confidence to meet goals and strive for bigger and better things.

Build Your Self Esteem

Spend Time To Save Time

You have to give some to get some. The old adage is usually applied to money but it is also true of time.

When we are very young or very old, time seems endless. But for the majority of our lives, time is something we always need.

We are always pressed for time or seem to owe time to others from our bosses to our families. Time is such a valuable commodity so we need to make sure that we use it carefully. Careful use of our time means one thing — time management.

The sad truth is that most of us who are really in need of time management rarely utilize it. However, spending time on this simple four-step plan named “TIME” can really make a difference in your day, your life, and your time!

T Is For Taking Time To Plan

Every minute spent on planning and organizing will save at least that amount of time when you implement your plan. Shopping trips taken without a list often result in wasted time, errands run without prior planning often mean wasted time, and tasks not properly organized often mean wasted time. We all know this is true and yet we still rush forward in our haste to get something done. Take time to plan and you will be more efficient.

I Is For Involving Others

Whether at work or at home, involving other crucial stake-holders in your planning and prioritizing can help you attend to the essentials and share the work. Others may have good ideas to help you achieve your goals and others may well spark even more ideas from you. Sometimes, simply talking things over with a sympathetic audience can help you think more clearly. Don’t forget to give others a share in the work as well as the planning.

M Is For Meditation

No matter how busy your life or hectic your schedule is, you must take time to reflect on your goals and dreams. Taking a few moment to clear your mind, focus your energy, and rebuild your strength can revitalize you and help you accomplish more when you swing back into action.

Allowing yourself this down time may well give you the opportunity to prioritize and brainstorm so you can be even more productive than before. Even if you don’t have brainstorms from taking this time out, it will definitely give you an energy boost.

E Is For Evaluation

It is important for you to regularly evaluate your priorities and goals. Perhaps you have accomplished tasks that can now be permanently crossed off your list or can be set aside until a later date. Perhaps you have achieved certain goals resulting in a change of other priorities. Perhaps you simply have learned something along the way that caused a number of shifts in your priorities and goals.

Evaluation can also give you a sense of accomplishment if you look back on what you have achieved and the goals you have reached.

Even if taking TIME for time management can seem wasteful, it is actually a process that pays for itself time and again. Time management may cost you time for planning and organization but in the end it helps you gain time through efficiency and prioritization. The simple truth is that time management saves you time and stress.

Spend Time To Save Time

Nicotine In Cigarettes Addictive Or Not?

The debate continues between medical experts and rehabilitation specialists as to whether or not nicotine in cigarettes is actually an addictive substance.

Many people are unaware of the hotly debated topic of nicotine as a n addictive substance. Some experts claim the substance is ‘only’ a psychological addiction, while other specialists claim it is in fact a physiological affliction.

I was once contacted by a professional hypnotist who rebuked me for my assertion that I had overcome a nicotine addiction. He proudly touted the “fact” that nicotine is not a bodily addiction and that my commentary on the issue was unethical.

This notion is hilarious really.

I admit a little research will turn up mixed opinions on the issue.

For instance in 1996 top executives of leading tobacco companies made public claims downplaying the idea of nicotine as a physically addictive chemical. And numerous independent scientific studies have suggested that nicotine is either not the only addictive substance in cigarettes, or that this chemical only causes psychological dependency and no real physical addiction.

On the other hand, In February 2000 the Royal College of Physicians published a report on nicotine addiction which concluded that “Cigarettes are highly efficient nicotine delivery devices and are as addictive as drugs such as heroin or cocaine.”

I’d actually like to take this article away from the flawed debate of “physical vs. psychological” and make a more relevant point. It makes no difference what scientists are able to prove in a lab at this stage, we all know smoking is a habit that becomes an obsession, and this obsession has killed millions of people.

More importantly for the purposes of this article, numerous surveys have concluded that 80% (or more) of all smokers express a desire to quit, but say they have tried without success on multiple occasions. If that’s not an addiction I frankly don’t know what is.

All this talk about mental addiction, bodily addiction, etc. is totally moot. Quantum physics has done a fabulous job of proving the role of mind in actually creating the physical circumstances in an individual’s life.

With this in mind, the whole debate presented by tobacco company executives and hypnosis marketers loses all footing as far as I’m concerned.

However you wish to slice it, smoking is an addiction. It’s extremely difficult to break this deadly habit, and only those individuals with serious intention, a rock solid plan, and a great support network are likely to achieve the ultimate goal of smoking cessation.

Nicotine In Cigarettes Addictive Or Not?

Self Help – Mind Body Spirit Information That Will Challenge The Way You View Life!

Regardless of personal viewpoint about spirituality, many have wondered what would have happened if Saddam Hussein hadn’t been stopped when he first invaded Kuwait back in the early nineties? Well, this story explores that scenario to its surprising conclusion and then reinvents the scene time and again in a sequence similar to ‘Groundhog Day’ but in a self help mind, body, spirit theme. The result is a story that has led many readers to question their concept of so-called reality!

I initially believed I was writing a fictional story about angel ET benefactors influencing our world. But when I completed the first book, The Blue Star Millennium, found on , many readers were convinced that the depicted world events had actually happened, even though recorded history shows a different outcome. That’s when the concept of an alternative reality suddenly gelled into the possibility that world events could change depending on the will of the masses.

As far as I was concerned, I was simply writing an inspirational mind, body, spirit story about angel extraterrestrial intervention, but I didn’t know where the story was going until it unfolded before me … and I have to admit, I was surprised at some of the content.

The story largely centered on the Gulf War and the changing of events under the influence of a benevolent, angelic race of Beings in the form of extraterrestrial benefactors. The central character in these books is an angel who integrates with human society under the watchful influence of his mentor, the White Star.

Many who have read these esoteric books have queried whether the White Star is real … and if so, did he help change world events in keeping with the will of the masses – the ones currently inhabiting our world … You and me? From that angle, did he also influence my writing in a more spiritual slant?

To be honest, I don’t know!

If he did, I am grateful that he shared this metaphysical knowledge, but a little confused why he would choose me. I’m just an ordinary guy who grew up on the rougher side of town with few privileges, and new age spirituality was not part of my upbringing. I’ve had my share of knocks that life tends to deal out to all those who walk this earth. However, I’ve also had my share of unusual (for want of a better term) experiences … but I’m getting off the track here.

If we take this concept of ET extraterrestrial angels to its logical conclusion, are we not all such Beings? After-all, we are simply visiting this planet for a short while to experience our individual lessons and then we depart so how can we say that we are of this planet? We simply inhabit a body here temporarily so that we can function in this world.

So, whether these metaphysics philosophy books are influenced by extraterrestrial angels, or resulted from my own tapping into the higher consciousness that is the source of us all … what is the difference? The result is equally fascinating and the concepts that these self improvement stories present will challenge your view of life as you know it.

Self Help – Mind Body Spirit Information That Will Challenge The Way You View Life!

Beyond Fear And Addiction: Six Steps To Healing

There is a wonderful anachronism for FEAR:


Much of the fear in our lives is based on false evidence.

Our bodies are designed to respond with the fight or flight mechanism to real and present danger – such as being physically attacked. In the face of real and present danger, the adrenaline flows and the blood drains out of our organs and brain and into our limbs to prepare us for fight or flight.

Yet many people spend much of their time in the anxiety and stress of fight or flight when there is no real and present danger. This is because the body responds the same way to imagined danger as it does to real danger. The body thinks that the false evidence coming from our thoughts is real.

This constant state of fear and anxiety often leads to various addictions in the hope of numbing out the difficult feelings. Food, alcohol, drugs, nicotine, gambling, sex, TV, shopping, approval, attention, work, anger, rage, violence to self and others all can be used in attempts to block out painful feelings.

Yet, the addictions themselves are an abandonment of self, in that they are not a healthy and loving way of dealing with painful feelings. And it is self-abandonment that causes the most fear, anxiety, and depression.

Thus, many people are caught in a very negative circle based on self-abandonment:

Thinking negative thoughts about the future – about rejection, failure, loss of others, loss of self, loss of money creates fear in the body and is an abandonment of self.

We are abandoning ourselves when we allow ourselves to make up thoughts about the future that scare us. This would be like saying to a child, “You are going to end up alone. No one will ever love you. You will be out on the streets with no food and no help.” Saying this to a child would be considered child abuse, yet many people tell these same things to themselves over and over when there is no objective truth to these statements.

Once we have created fear with our negative thinking, we try to avoid the fear with our various addictions.

Avoid responsibility for creating our fear by turning to addictions is another self-abandonment. This is like offering a frightened child a cookie instead of addressing the source of the fear. The self-abandonment creates deep inner emptiness and aloneness, which perpetuates the addictive behavior. It also creates neediness, leading to pulling on others for love, approval and attention.

Addictive behavior perpetuates the original fears an endless vicious circle of self-abandonment.


There really is a way out of this! While the process of moving beyond fear and addiction is simple, it is not easy. It takes deep commitment and devotion to your peace and joy.

1) Choose the willingness to feel your painful feelings and take responsibility for creating them, rather than continue avoiding them with your various addictions. It is only when you are willing to be with your feelings rather than avoid them that you can learn about how you are creating your own pain.

2) Consciously decide that you want to learn about what you are thinking or doing that is causing your pain.

3) Dialogue with the part of you that is in fear and pain – you can think of this feeling part of you of a child within about how you are causing the pain. Discover your thoughts and actions that are causing your pain.

4) Open to learning with a Higher Power your own highest wisest self, an inner teacher or mentor, a guardian angel, God about what is the truth regarding your negative thinking and what the loving action is toward yourself.

5) Take the loving action for yourself that you are guided to do in Step 4.

6) Notice how you feel. If you feel more peaceful, then you know that you have taken loving action. If not, then you need to go back through these steps to discover another loving action.

This six-step process is called Inner Bonding

Beyond Fear And Addiction: Six Steps To Healing

Quick Tips In Learning Spanish

Watched a Spanish movie lately? Were you listening on the radio and a Spanish song caught your attention? There are mediums that are provided nowadays in helping people best to understand and learn foreign languages. The Spanish language, being one of the most popular languages in the world, is the language that is also sought after in many aspects of business and career.

If you know how to speak Spanish, there is a high chance of getting good and desirable positions in a company. Since there are millions of people who already knows the language, the demand of getting more manpower within a business community who knows how to handle issues of Spanish speaking customers is already a priority.

There is however, another view to how people learn a language nowadays. No matter how interested these people may seem; the idea of allocating minutes of their daily hours is usually the problem. People tend to focus on things that give out quick results. If you’re just willing to, there are actually several ways for you to study Spanish the quick way, though it’s not the same thing in saying that it’s going to make the entire process quicker.

Here are a couple of tips to help learn Spanish quickly.

Keep in mind that any word in English which ends in tion (attention, vacation etc), always has the -ci

Quick Tips In Learning Spanish

Our Christian And Patriotic Pursuit Of Happiness

Throughout our recorded human history great people such as Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato all suggest that we personally play a pivotal role in our own happiness. Our right for the pursuit of happiness was also written by Thomas Jefferson in our Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies; but what we use as our guide to obtain happiness is essential to truly achieving happiness.

If one reads the beginning paragraph and the first sentence of the second paragraph of our Declaration of Independence, you will have, what I feel, is a realistic guide to how to achieve happiness. I have copied the beginning parts of our Declaration of Independence below for you to read for yourself, and I have underlined what I feel is our clue to what is our guide to this pursuit.

The Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies
In CONGRESS, July 4, 1776

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

I also read and see these patriotic words and their meaning from a Christian viewpoint. How you interpret these words maybe different than my interpretation.

Our Father in Heaven’s first wish for us is that it is that we develop and have a deep, meaningful relationship with Him. His second wish is regarding our treatment and actions towards our fellow man be the same as we would do for ourselves. These are the primary commandments of our Father, but because of Him also granting us (free will) He does not make us do them, it is up to each of us as God’s children to follow His wishes. Just as us as parents we can instruct and guide our children, but we cannot make them follow our wishes, we only hope that they will see their importance and meaning as adopt them as part of their character in their own lives.

If each of us does not respect and treat our fellow man with the respect and dignity as an equal, life can be hell on earth. Also, if each of us does not have a continuing and growing relationship with our Father in Heaven life can be hell on earth and beyond into the afterlife.

People from different walks of life, stature and income levels have made the statement that they feel something has always been missing in their lives, and not until they initiated an ongoing relationship with the Father in Heaven did this void seem filled. These constant reminders throughout history and in our daily lives themselves should be a neon sign for our guide as to what we need to do in the pursuit of happiness, but as the adage goes “History repeats itself.” Why is this statement true? Because many people seem to not learn from history and others mistakes, hence we repeat them!

I can only pray as a patriotic Christian that to those who read this article will wake up and smell the coffee, and indelibly take them to heart.

Our Christian And Patriotic Pursuit Of Happiness

Recognizing and Dealing With a Bailer

Copyright 2006 Vivian Banta

Picture this. You’ve been sitting in a restaurant for 10 minutes. You peer at your watch yup, your lunch companion is late. By five minutes because you were 5 minutes early. You glance at the two menus that the waitperson placed efficiently on the table and sip at your ice water. You don’t worry too much because he/she is usually late. 15 minutes. You read the menu again and try to radiate confidence when the waitperson checks on you. You said you’d wait until your other party arrived to order but now you’re starting to get really hungry. 20 minutes. You’ve reviewed the menu so many times that you almost feel you could recite it from memory. You almost want to order an appetizer but considering the portion sizes, you know that you’d never finish your entr

Recognizing and Dealing With a Bailer

Managing Your Way To Achieving Personal Success With Project Management Part 2 “Project Success”

Project management techniques play an important role in the world around you. Many of the most visually imposing features of your life would not be there without effective project management.

Let us just consider one example: the aircraft you fly away on for your vacation. That aircraft is an end result of a highly complex project, probably covering several different locations and even countries. Design, engineering, manufacturing; all these could be spread around in different offices and buildings. Each of those elements is complex and may involve several professional disciplines, with safety and comfort a feature at all times.

Take away the management of that aircraft project, and then try to imagine how the resulting aircraft may have looked. Without the co-ordination provided by good management, what you would end up with, if anything, may not even look like an airplane at all. Components may not fit, or may not arrive; the wings may have been designed, but their manufacture not ordered; the wheels may be designed for the wrong size of aircraft. All sorts of bizarre things could occur, and the aircraft would not get off the ground, probably never even be half assembled.

When you get on an aircraft, you are boarding the successful result of a project well and professionally managed. But what if you changed the project from an aircraft to your own future success; and then applied some basic project management techniques to achieve a successful outcome to “Project Success”? Your chances of achieving success would be greatly enhanced.

You may be thinking that your success is so personal that it is simple, with nobody else involved, and therefore needs no management at all. You may argue that success, if it is going to happen, is just going to happen. The reality of achievement, though, is never that simple. An element of self management will always be needed to be successful, so why not increase your chances of the perfect outcome to “Project Success” and manage it effectively? After all, you are more complex than that sleek, hi-tech aircraft transporting you to your holiday destination.

In practice, though, how can you take the project management approach of building an aircraft, and apply those techniques to “Project Success?”

Applying Project Management Techniques to Personal Success.

In a short article, I can only touch upon a few headings which may help guide you to guide yourself. These are important components of managing a project of any sort, and could be applied to “Project Success”. Here are some ideas which may help put yourself in control of your own success destiny.

“Project Success The Vision”

Until you have a definite end in mind, you have no project. There would be no point having a project to build an aircraft, only to find in the end that what was needed was a submarine. As an individual, it is just as important to have a clear idea of the end aim; what really is the success you are seeking? Once fully identified, you can plan “Project Success”.

As an individual, though, this stage can help to pave the way for a smooth project. If you take your time to visualize in some detail what success for you would entail, then you can harvest the benefits of visualization, which can be a useful personal tool in carving an opening to reach where you want to go. One idea is to sit quietly and alone, and visualize your perfect life in 5 years’ time. Then, carefully write down the main components of that future life. You could then take that as your end product of “Project Success”.

Outline Plan For “Project Success”

Once you have a clear vision of your overall success objective, then it is worth forming an outline plan of how you are going to achieve that success. At this stage, you may not have much idea of the detail anyway. Even for an outline plan, you may need to do some research first.

For the sake of this illustration, let us assume your vision of success is to have your own business for the first time, based at home and on the internet. This is an ambition shared by millions of people across the world.

Your initial research may show you that, in outline, you need to:

a. choose the type of online business that you want and in what market;

b. learn about website design and building;

c. learn about internet marketing and offline marketing if not already known;

d. study people who have already succeeded in an online business;

e. work out a financial budget;

f. formulate a business plan based on the outcome of a, b, and c above, taking into account e. You conclude d. will be ongoing.

The above are just examples, and not comprehensive, but it is enough to give you a idea of how to get started. There are many methods of project management, which are mostly designed for big projects, but you could also include the following in your “Project Success” plan:

Consider the Risks

Risk assessment is a normal part of large project, but it can be just as critical for you, especially when it comes to assessing the financial implications and affect on close family. Discuss with your spouse and older children if possible; their support and understanding could be critical later.

Assessing Resources Required

The resources you will need will be a mix of time, free information, free software, paid for software, paid for services and other items of expenditure that are essential to your success. That is based only on your first assessment of what you need to have and to do. Always bear in mind that your personal success project will need to be flexible, as you will learn much as you go along and have to adjust your plan accordingly.

Assigning and Managing Project Tasks

This may sound very simple: assign all tasks to yourself and carry them out yourself. But you are not that simple, and managing yourself is not that simple. In fact, you are are probably about the worse person you could wish to manage, until you train yourself not to be.

While it is possible to contract out tasks, a golden rule of outsourcing is to first understand in detail what it is you are outsourcing. Leave that for later when you are accomplished in your new success role and fully understand the business you are in.

So, to begin with, assign yourself all the tasks, having first listed them all down. You will not have all the resources you need, as you will inevitably be lacking in certain areas of knowledge. Note down what those knowledge gaps are, as filling them will need to be built into a more detailed plan.

Create Detailed Project Plan Task by Task

By now you should have enough information to build a more detailed plan. Now we are not talking about building a rocket here. Despite your own complexities, this should still be a relatively simple plan for each task, and you should be prepared to change it later if necessary. Your plan is intended as an aid to your success, not a ball and chain dragging you down. You will learn fast as you go along, and need to adapt quickly.

Prioritize Project Tasks

In complex projects, progress can be curtailed by bad priority management. I have seen this in practice, when called in to take over the key, time critical, part of a large project installing a new computerised accounting system. I soon realised why it had fallen so far behind. Project team members were, against their own better judgement, being forced into spending time on trivia that the project leader liked doing, rather than driving the key areas of the project forward.

Beware of your own inclination to do the same. In “Project Success” you will have to manage yourself, according to priorities, but not according to your comfort zone. It is how you respond to this challenge that will dictate whether you will be a successful online businessman, or someone who is just playing with it for fun.

Controlling and Monitoring Progress of “Project Success”.

This is where you will be tested in your own self discipline and management ability. You need to establish points in the plan where you will review progress. In a normal project situation, the project management team would probably have regular management meetings, where those heading each key task have to report progress and co-ordinate with others.

You need to do the same, as yourself, and perhaps review progress once a week or, at minimum, once a month. If you can get a mentor in your chosen business, then that would be a great help; or you may like to get your spouse or a friend to add a critical input to your progress. The important thing is that you must make an unemotional assessment of how you are progressing, where things are going right or wrong, and what, if any, changes to the plan need to be made. A plan is a plan is a plan; change it if you have to, and do not think of changing it as an admittance of defeat, it is a triumph of actual knowledge over guesswork.

By using some of the disciplines mentioned above, you can help guide yourself to a successful conclusion to “Project Success.”

Managing Your Way To Achieving Personal Success With Project Management Part 2 “Project Success”

How to Scatter Cremated Remains (Ashes)

You may envision going out to a beautiful spot and scattering your loved ones remains. While this can be a beautiful, ceremonial and a very healing way of returning a loved one to nature, it can also be a disaster. The following guidelines, will make the experience a positive one and make the final wish of your loved one, “I just want my ashes to be scattered” to come true.

To begin, often the word “ashes” is used to describe cremated remains. The media portrays it as light ash. The reality is the remains are bone fragments that have been mechanically reduced. They normally don’t gently flow into the air. It is more like heavy sand That being said there is some dust or ash that can blow in the wind, so when scattering cremated remains make sure to check the wind so they don’t blow back in people’s faces or onto a boat.

You will also want to consider the legal requirements to scatter remains. In no state is it legal to scatter remains on private property without permission from the property owner. Many parks also have rules and permit requirements so you will want to check into the requirements.

If you do plan on scattering the remains, many people are choosing to keep some of the remains in a keepsake container or mini urn. Some people feel they still want a part of the person and sharing the cremated remains is a way to still have a part of the person with you. Keep in mind, you will want to make sure the partial remains are in a sealed plastic bag inside the keepsake or mini urn. A funeral director can handle this for you. Many products are also available such as diamonds that are made out of the remains, jewelry that is designed to hold the remains or hand blown glass paper weights.

Techniques for Scattering


Casting is a way of scattering where the remains are tossed into the wind. As I mentioned previously, you will want to check the direction of the wind and cast the remains downwind. Most of the remains will fall to the ground and some of the lighter particles will blow in the wind forming a whitish-grey cloud.

One person in the group may cast the remains or scatter some and hand the container to the next person so everyone has a chance to ceremonially cast the remains. Another option is people are given paper cups or casting cups and they cast simultaneously in a sort of toasting gesture.


Trenching is digging a hole or trench in the ground or sand and the remains are placed into the trench. The remains can be placed directly into the trench or placed in a biodegradable bag or urn. At the end of the ceremony survivors often rake over the trench. A deceased name can be drawn in the dirt or sand- perhaps inside of a heart. The remains could also be placed inside this name and heart. You may consider taking a photo of this for a memory book. If done at the beach, it can be timed that the tide comes in and ceremoniously washes it out to sea. Family and friends may want to join hands and form a circle. If not too windy, candles may also form a circle around the site. The candles are then given to each person as a keepsake.


Raking involves pouring the cremated remains from an urn evenly on loose soil and then raking them into the ground at the conclusion of the ceremony. It is important to keep the urn close to the ground when pouring out the remains due to wind. Survivors may wish to take turns raking the remains back into the earth. If you choose to do this at a scattering garden at a cemetery this is how they will perform the scattering.

Green Burial

This is done either at a “Green Cemetery” or at a traditional cemetery. Often cemeteries will allow you to place a biodegradable bag or biodegradable urn on top of a gravesite or a family member as long as it is buried. Obviously, you will want to check with the cemetery and see what their requirements are.

Water Scattering

Water scattering involves placing the remains into a body of water. A biodegradable bag or urn is recommended. This is most often when cremated remains can blow back into a person’s face or get washed up onto the side of the boat. Both experiences can be traumatic and not the everlasting peaceful memory you envisioned. If you search on the internet or in the phone book you can find people that have boats and are experienced. There are urns on the market designed to gently float away and then quickly biodegrade into the water. Many people throw rose petals or flowers into the water after the urn. If the remains are in a biodegradable bag they may sink so you also may wish to throw a wreath of flowers into the water and watch the wreath drift away.

Air Scattering

Air scattering is best performed by professional pilots and air services. The airplanes are specially designed to handle the cremated remains. Some professionals will arrange for family and friends to be on the ground watching as the plane flies over and a plume of remains can be seen from the ground. If survivors are not present, the service will provide the specific time and date of the aerial scattering. Often it can be arranged that close family and friends fly along.

While scattering cremated remains can be emotionally very difficult, hopefully by knowing your options and being informed it will make a difficult time a little easier.

How to Scatter Cremated Remains (Ashes)