Levitra Vardenafil Facts, Dosage and Side effects of Erectile Dysfunction Medication

You should know about vardenafil and other erectile dysfunction medications available in the market. Vardenafil is the active ingredient that is sold under the brand name of Levitra. In addition, you should also know about side effects of Levitra and dosage of Levitra. You can buy Levitra online or from a registered local pharmacy. Most of the people prefer to buy Levitra online as it quite a simple process.

You can experience effective results if you have prior knowledge about vardenafil and its working. If you do not take dosage of Levitra according to your doctor’s recommendation, then you may experience harmful side effects of Levitra.

You can buy Levitra online only if the doctor approves it in your favor. If you buy this erectile dysfunction medication without a doctor’s prescription, then you should also get ready to face serious side effects of Levitra.

Never combine your dosage of Levitra with other medications like nitrate drugs. It can result in serious side effects. You may also experience side effects of Levitra if you are allergic to its ingredients. Therefore, do not take dosage of Levitra without informing your doctor.

You should not worry about missing dosage of Levitra. There is no thing like missing dosage of Levitra. You can take dosage of Levitra when you get the desire for sexual activity.

Levitra (vardenafil) – Erectile dysfunction medication

If you know about vardenafil and other erectile dysfunction medications available in the market, then you should also know about side effects of Levitra and dosage of Levitra. One fact about vardenafil is that it is sold under the brand name Levitra. You can buy Levitra online or from a registered local pharmacy. Most of the people prefer to buy Levitra online as it is quite a simple process.

Before you order Levitra online, you should do extensive research on the internet to collect information about vardenafil and its working in the body. Since this is a prescription drug, it has its share of side effects. You should also know about proper dosage of Levitra. If you do not take dosage of Levitra according to your doctor’s recommendation, then you may experience harmful side effects of Levitra.

Facts about vardenafil

There are many misconceptions about vardenafil in the minds of people. You must know that you can buy Levitra online only if the doctor approves it in your favor. If you buy this erectile dysfunction medication without a doctor’s prescription, then you should also get ready to face serious side effects of Levitra. This drug is not safe for use in everyone.

If you suffer from various other medical conditions, then you should consult your doctor before you think about vardenafil medication.

If you suffer from some unusual abnormalities like priapism, acute vision problems, or any other problem after taking dosage of Levitra, then you must immediately discontinue taking other dosage of Levitra and inform your doctor.

Various clinical trials prove that dosage of Levitra is safe to improve erectile dysfunction, even in men who have other health factors such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Therefore, people who have these medical conditions can think about vardenafil as erectile dysfunction medication.

Side effects of Levitra

The most common side effects of Levitra include headache, flushing, and stuffy nose. These side effects of Levitra are easily treatable if you take proper medical care. However, you need to take extra care when you buy Levitra online or through a local pharmacy.

You should never buy Levitra online or through any other medium if you are already taking any other medication that contains nitrate drugs. This combination of dosage of Levitra and nitrate drugs can cause serious side effects of Levitra.

If your doctor determines that sexual activity poses a serious health risk for you, then you should not buy Levitra online or through other medium. You may experience side effects of Levitra if you are allergic to the ingredients of Levitra. Therefore, never take dosage of Levitra without informing your doctor.

Dosage of Levitra

You can take Levitra as and when the need arises. There is no need to worry about dosage of Levitra. However, follow your doctor’s guidelines for effective results. It comes in 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg pack tablets. You can take one dosage of Levitra with a glass of water, as this is an oral prescription drug. However, you should take only one dosage of Levitra in a day.

Levitra Vardenafil Facts, Dosage and Side effects of Erectile Dysfunction Medication

To Stress Or Not To Stress

To most people ‘stress’ brings to conjures up unpleasant feelings. However, many of those in the field of psychology are of the opinion that stress is something that can have positive effects.

Why the disconnect?

Essentially the answers lie in how each individual person evaluates their own mental and physical well being.

Perhaps some examples could help to make bring this point home.

For instance, assume two people, one a championship caliber athlete or performer, the other a college senior about to take a final test. The athlete or performer has been training most of their life for tasks that they perform; and let’s say in our case, the student has hardly cracked a book or studied at all for the impending test.

From a strictly a physiological point of view both individuals will be experiencing similar effects – raised heartbeat and breathing, higher metabolism, active sweat glands and so forth.

Psychologically, there are also similarities – increased concentration on the task at hand and focus on the next few minutes, clear images and heightened sensitivity to feelings.

However, there are key differences, at least psychologically speaking. The athlete is uses these feelings to their advantage to gain razor sharp focus, ready to tackle challenge, and confident in his ability to exhibit his prowess and dominate the contest.

The senior… not so fortunate… probably experiencing doubt and fear.

In either of the cases it’s reasonable to say that there is a definite element of stress involved. And one would also conclude that both individuals are feeling stressful.

It is the differences that are the key.

The athlete mentally processes his scenario as a challenge that he welcomes and is confident in his ability to tackle. One the other hand, the senior is well aware of the fact that he has poorly prepared and understands the ramifications his impending failure i.e. a lowered grade and possible having to retake the class.

In both cases the individuals are uncertain of the outcome, but each evaluates the odds of success differently… as would each also project the outcome of failure differently.

The athlete may wind up short of a victory or first place finish; which may be disappointing but still the overall picture is one of a successful season or performance.

The senior, on the other hand may see his chances for getting into a good graduate school slipping away. In fact, he may have to ultimately pass this class before he can even graduate.

Needless to say, the examples are very basic, but the premise is accurate.

How you process various events will leave you feeling stressed or simply one of life’s challenges that you know you can handle.

You can see by these two examples that there are actually two definitions of the word ‘stress’ that sometimes get interchanged.

One refers to a heightened awareness and the physiological symptoms described above.

The other is adds the element of worry and those symptoms.

The latter is the one that can have negative health consequences that under certain circumstances can even be physically harmful.

We as humans are tethered to both our mind and our body and the two aspects affect one another, the psychological part is just as important.

To Stress Or Not To Stress

The Secret – When You Can Walk On Water , Take The Boat ( Part 6 )

Finally, it was morning and I got up and prepared for my meeting with Mr. Seymour. After breakfast, I took a cab to his office. All the buildings were tall and clustered together in what appeared to be the main commercial area of the city. I paid my fare and walked into the building where Seymour’s office was located. Without much waiting, I was ushered in to see him. The expression on my face was one of pure astonishment when I discovered that the real Mr. Seymour and the Mr. Seymour of my dream were exactly alike in physical fea- tures. I had never seen this man before and the coincidence seemed remarkable.

We talked for a while about my company’s new product. He would be willing to do some business with us he said, but that would depend on one of his largest distributors. There was a knock at the door and an assistant rushed in and whis- pered to Mr.Seymour. Seymour smiled, looked at me and said, “I’m told that old James Wittersham just arrived and he’s insisting on seeing me immediately.”He turned to the assis- tant who stood awaiting his reply and asked her to show Mr. Wittersham in.

At first glance, Wittersham hardly seemed friendly. He gave a quick nod when I was introduced and started talking immediately.”Look now,Seymour. I don’t have much time. Tell me about this product you want me to handle.”

The whole scene appeared to be a replay of my dream from last night. I finally grew brave enough to look Mr. Wittersham straight in the eye and say, “Sir, perhaps I could be of some help. I’m from the company that manufactures the machine we’re discussing. If you could give me five minutes of your time, I’ll explain why our prouct is so good.”

“Good? I don’t want good! Damn! I want the best.”

“I was just being modest. It’s the best on the market.”

Wittersham was a study in marble. Deep lines creased his face as he looked from me to Seymour and said, “Let’s get on with it then.”

I spent the next few minutes explaining all the benefits of our product.Wittersham appeared utterly unimpressed.Finally, in exasperation and in an effort to clutch at straws,I remembered my dream about Wittersham and the sea and concluded,”So you see,Mr.Wittersham,we make an excellent product.Incidentally,I wish you would visit our manufacturing facilities on the East Coast.Some lovely restaurants by the sea.” He quickly looked at me and asked, “By the sea? Do you go there often?”

“Oh yes!” I responded, “I love to go down to the sea.” “I wish the ocean was closer to us,” he mused. Pursu- ing the only possibility afforded me I said, “I was born not too far from the ocean. I spent many years of my life a stone’s throw from the mighty Atlantic. I’d awake every morning to the sound of breakers. I’d watch the sea change from a silvery white in the morning to a deep dark blue in late afternoon.”Seymour was looking at me and I could feel the frustration in his gaze as we discussed the sea. But the change on Wittersham’s face was amazing. Gone was the scowl and he was now smiling.

To read the rest of the story visit http://www.spiritual-simplicity.com

The Secret – When You Can Walk On Water , Take The Boat ( Part 6 )

Lose Weight During The Holidays? How To Get Double Credit For Every Lost Pound!

If you’ve been struggling with your excess fat, the prospect of the upcoming holidays may well fill you with dread.

You barely fit in your clothes as is. If things go the way they usually go during the holidays, you may have to join the post-holiday shopping crowds out of necessity! You won’t have a thing to wear – because nothing will fit anymore.

I don’t know about you, but that prospect always makes me cringe. I’ve been there, and I’d rather not repeat it.

Which is why I have occasionally approached the holiday season in a rather contrarian spirit when it comes to my intake of food. And I’m planning to do it again this year.

How’s that? Easy.

There are two major weight loss facts that work in my favor here:

Every pound I lose between Thanksgiving and early January counts twice!

It’s a matter of simple math!

As you know, those of us already struggling with extra weight can easily add 10 pounds or more during a few weeks of reckless ingestion of cookies and eggnog. I’ve done it before, and I don’t care to repeat that particular feat.

Now imagine this: Instead of adding 10 pounds, how would you feel if you were to lose 10 pounds instead. Or even “just” 5 pounds. You’d be way ahead of the game, wouldn’t you.

Sure, it’ll be a bit of a hassle. Maybe even a big hassle. But just for a few weeks. Meanwhile, if you keep the pay-off in mind, it will feel so worth it.

But it wouldn’t be half as good an idea if it weren’t for fat loss secret number two:

Most people’s bodies seem to respond very nicely to alternating high and low calorie intake days.

There are several diets that feature this technique, including renegade versions of traditional ones. Just check out the Wendie Plan, Wendie’s version of Weight Watchers, where she distributes the 35 extra “points” over just 3 to 4 of the 7 days, thereby creating quite some ups and downs.

The weight though will just go down, down, and down some more because that kind of “weight cycling” prevents our bodies from turning into metabolic slugs.

Imagine the potential of this little trick. You could work its magic by simply planning some diet days alternating with some less restrictive days – carefully scheduling the more generous allotments for the days with office parties, family Christmas celebrations, and so on.

That’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Yes, I know! It’s going to be hard with all the seasonal goodies around.

So let’s review the benefits:

If you DO lose weight NOW, it will count DOUBLE!

Instead of gaining 10 pounds, you could LOSE 10 pounds!

Net loss: 20 pounds, maybe even more!

Wouldn’t THAT be worth a little awkwardness around the punch bowl? Imagine being that much slimmer come New Year’s Eve! Imagine the dress you’d be able to wear — the one that hasn’t fit you in ages! Imagine all your friends having piled on the pounds in the meantime, wondering how the heck you managed to actually get thinner!

Go ahead. You deserve to look and feel great! Make that new and improved body your own personal Christmas present.

Lose Weight During The Holidays? How To Get Double Credit For Every Lost Pound!

How To Combat Stress

Tips To Ease Tension

We all know what it feels like to get emotionally mangled by the weight of day to day struggles. Our bosses yell at us, our spouses yell at us – it feels like an endless circle where getting ahead at the office can leave us with so little energy for home that home turns into battlefield that leaves us with no energy for work.

Is mere survival all you can ask of a hassle-filled world ? No. Stress, in fact is not only something you can beat, but a force you can turn into an advantage. You don’t have to run from it, and you don’t need any special stress management. The following tested tips show you how to combat stress – and win.

Work On Your Attitude.

The most important point you can make about stress is that in most cases it’s not what’s out there that’s the problem, its how you react to it. Changing the way you think can change a life of stress and discomfort to a life of challenge and excitement.

Think About Something Else.

Distract yourself – to break the thoughts that are producing your stress, you must think about something else. Anything will do, as long as it breaks the chain of bad thoughts.

Think Positive.

Thinking about a success or a past achievement is excellent when you’re feeling uncertain, remind yourself of all the good things you’ve achieved in the past, and tell yourself that you’re going to do the same in the future.

Take A Mental Vacation

Imagine yourself lying in warm sand on a beach in the Bahamas, a cool wind blowing off the ocean, the surf rolling in quietly in the background. It’s amazing what this can do to help you relax.

Take Deap Breaths

Belly breathing is what some people call it. It’s an old and useful trick for defeating anxiety and nervousness. The basic idea is act calm, be calm. When your experiencing stress, your pulse races and you start breathing very quickly. Forcing yourself to breathe slowly convinces the body that the stress has gone, whether it has or not. The correct way to breathe is abdominally – feeling the stomach expand as you inhale, and collapse as you exhale.


A lot of us respond to stress with muscle tension. Ideally, we’d prefer to eliminate the cause of the stress, but stretching the muscles at least reduces the sensation of stress – the muscles relax, and we feel less tense.

Take A Hot Soak

Hot water works by defeating the stress response. When we’re tense and anxious, blood flow to our extremities is reduced. Hot water restores circulation, convincing the body it’s safe and that it’s ok to relax. Cold water must not be used because it has the opposite effect, and will increase tension. An office alternative might be running hot water over your hands until you feel the tension starting to drain away.


Regular exercise will burn off some of the stress chemicals tension produces, and exercise will tire your musles – a tired muscle is a relaxed muscle.

Listen To Music

Music soothes as perhaps nothing else does. You can use it in two basic ways – to relax or to inspire. New – Age music is very relaxing.

I trust these points will be of benefit to your wellbeing. Thank you for reading my article. http://www.information-city-online.com

How To Combat Stress

Relieve Stress – 3 Tips to Help You Relieve Stress

Do you feel you need to relieve stress? If you are living a life with many things going on such as a challenging job, parenting or struggling relationship, then you may have bouts with stress once in a while.

Once in a while we find ourselves that we have to relieve stress. Constant stress can decrease your health and the quality of your productivity. Stress affects many of us during our lifetimes and it’s just a fact of life. Here are some tips to relieve stress.

Start Writing

One way to relieve stress is to keep a journal or write down your feelings. I prefer to write down my feelings on a piece of paper and then shred it. It’s great because you may not want to share your problems with others.

Believe it or not, many people may not know exactly what is causing them stress in their lives. To find out try brainstorming your thoughts and write it down. You may notice you are focusing on a particular subject that may be the source of your stress.

Furthermore, you may be surprised what is causing your stress. You may actually relieve stress after you try this approach. Hopefully, you’ll be able to pinpoint what is bothering you and you’ll start thinking about dealing with it effectively.

Schedule Time to Relax

If this idea sounds silly to you to relieve stress, then it’s time to consider it. Think about it, we schedule waking up, commuting time, lunch time, our kid’s lives, fantasy base ball drafts, holiday dinners and every other little aspect in our lives. Take a moment and try schedule a block of time just for you.

To effectively make use of this time to relieve stress, make sure you set ground rules. For example, I make it a rule not check email or answer my cell phone. This time should be considered a well deserved break from the challenges and aggravation you face during the week. In fact, you may just want to take this time to just think.

Start Exercising

This is my favorite tip to relieve stress. Exercise can be safe haven for you (if you do it right). I exercise daily and it’s great because I focused only on my work out. I highly recommend you start your own exercise program.
As you can probably guess, exercise will help you with many issues. Not only will it reduce stress, it will also increase your health. Exercise may actually help you handle stressful situations even better.

If you do consider exercise as a way to relieve stress, then you should see your doctor first. You doctor can make sure you can exercise and maybe provide pointers on how to get started. Your exercise program should consist of a combination of weight training and aerobic exercise.

When starting any exercise program you should always start off with very light work outs so you can evaluate your fitness level. If you’re weight training use very light weights. Start with walking for your aerobic workouts. You can always work your way up as you get stronger.

To learn how you can relieve stress may be a beneficial skill to learn for your overall health. Stress can cause a lot of aggravation pain in your life (if you don’t deal with it). In fact stress can be so bad that it holds us back from our full potential. Even though we live in a challenging world, learning to relieve stress will help in the long run.

Relieve Stress – 3 Tips to Help You Relieve Stress

Your Thinking style – Test It

Thinking it is said is one of the toughest things to do. Many of us say that they will think about something and then revert. You must have heard this many times. Do these people really think? What do they do? Do they look at the problem in total perspective, think about different actions that could be taken and find out the consequences and then find out the best option? No, not many of us do that.

Most of us do sloppy thinking. We don’t strain our mind, but find out a convenient answer that does not need much thinking and present that as their conclusion. We come across many issues in our life. Dating, studying, taking a career, selecting a job, look for a home, and so on. Do we think about every option and weigh it or find out cursory details and decide?

You must have read lot of history and geography. How many times did you think about the times described, about the people, the kind of lives they led and their knowledge? not many of us do that. Every news that we come across has something to think about. But we don’t. Why none of us thinks about why all of us want to know so much about how celebrities live and their love and career? What does that information give us except some entertainment for few minutes? But we don’t think. We don’t think about how to use our time effectively.

Do we think about what our political leaders say? Do we think about why we are looking for a date? Do we think about why our relationship is breaking? We pretend to think. But we don’t normally carry out any analysis. Sloppy thinking leads us nowhere. It produces bad results. To think means – to try and understand every aspect of the given problem, its past and what the future may entail.

What kind of thinker are you? Why not find out with some fun quizzes about your personality. They will surely make you think.

Your Thinking style – Test It

Gratitude Journal: Attracting Abundance And Prosperity By Expressing Appreciation And Gratitude In Writing.

Keeping a gratitude journal can be a key part of living a happy and prosperous life.

How so? Acknowledging all the things, events, and people we appreciate will quickly get us out of the “whining” mode and right into “happy” mode, increasing our vibration. And with that, we’ll begin to draw more of the things we’re already happy about.

The law of attraction says that whatever we focus on we draw to us. And if you have ever any doubts about that, just give it a try.

Ever notice how your days go from bad to worse as you grumble and resent all the things in your life that make you miserable or that you THINK make you miserable.

We won’t get into justifications here. It’s clear enough that if you think enough about them, that’s where you’ll stay, and that’s what you’ll keep getting. So what if somebody else had a hand in it? Do you really want to give them the satisfaction of successfully making you miserable too?

You can turn things around. Express appreciation. In writing. For the unlikeliest things. The only condition: you must find a way, any way, to actually feel some appreciation.

One of my favorites: I forgot who it was, but in response to tough times, someone said he would give thanks for the challenges that make life such a growth experience. Oh, look, another growth experience! Thank you! So let’s give thanks for all the learning lessons that bless our lives.

But it doesn’t just have to be challenges. Sometimes the simple things, the things that we normally take for granted, work just as well as objects of our appreciation. Did you have a good meal today? Or yesterday? Are there people in your life who would miss you if you were gone? People you would miss? Express gratitude.

Can you see? Hear? Walk? Talk? Express gratitude. Is today a beautiful day? Did the sun appear when it was supposed to? Express gratitude.

Do you own or have access to something, anything, you enjoy? A book, a CD, a piece of clothing or jewelry (no fancy metals and minerals required)? Express gratitude.

Chances are there are many things that deserve to be written into your gratitude journal. And why write them down? There’s something about the writing process that makes things so much more real. You’ve probably read all about the power of written-down goals. Well, gratitude, especially as a path towards greater prosperity and abundance, works the same way.

Then watch what happens. Your vibrations will go up. You’ll feel happier. Things start working better. Maybe some new signs of prosperity come very quickly, maybe they’ll take a while.

Either way, you can be assured that as long as you keep grumbling, you’ll keep swatting any incoming signs of prosperity away like flies. So stop grumbling and welcome all the good that’ll be flowing into your life.

Gratitude Journal: Attracting Abundance And Prosperity By Expressing Appreciation And Gratitude In Writing.

On Greatness

It’s a long way from mediocrity to excellence. So common sense would seem to indicate that it’s just as long a road from excellence to greatness. But I believe that greatness is an entirely different road that bypasses both mediocrity and excellence. Greatness is no closer to excellence than it is to mediocrity. Bill Gates is excellent; Nelson Mandela is great. Bill was busy making his first billion and putting a PC on every desk while Nelson was languishing in prison. That’s the difference.

True greatness can only be born from personal tragedy. It’s not the only ingredient, but it is indispensable. Even tragedy won’t be enough without choosing the appropriate response if you react by choosing caution and dedicating your life to avoiding further pain (as most people do), the world shrinks you will find that you lack the imagination to find any risk worth taking, and lack the courage to take a risk even if you found it.

You could definitely call me a whiner. Sometimes, anyway. Life is just too difficult and there is just too much pain – especially the emotional kind. My heart gets broken, people betray me, my hopes get dashed time and time again, I climb towards the summit time and time again only to get knocked down once more. If life could just be a little bit easier…But in my heart I know that even if it got easier I still wouldn’t be satisfied. I won’t be satisfied until things are … PERFECT. I guess we all long for a perfect world. Believers wait for one, agnostics long for one, and atheists wish they could stop thinking about it. So let’s do a thought experiment here – what if the world was really perfect? What if there was no war, no poverty, everyone was beatiful and healthy, we all lived forever, nobody had acne, everybody loved each other and nobody picked their nose?

It’s the ultimate challenge for a Professional Whiner – to find something wrong with a perfect world. But I accept the challenge. There is one thing that would be missing in a perfect word, one kind of person that heaven cannot produce.

A hero.

Heros are born of adversity, and since a perfect world would have no adversity, a perfect world would have no heroes, only soft, fuzzy whiners who wouldn’t last 30 minutes in a Louisiana cotton field. Of course it could be argued that a perfect world would have no need of heroes. Well, this world has no real need for the Grand Canyon or the Himalaya mountains, but they sure are nice…

Without fear there can be no courage. Without the possibility of betrayal there can be no real devotion to another. And without being familiar with despair, we cannot know true joy. I find something surpassingly beautiful about a strong and noble character – a nail that refuses to be pounded down.

When I get depressed or upset about the way that life is treating me, I try to remember that someday I will have forever to take it easy and thrill as every dream I’ve ever dreamed comes true one by one. But who will I be by then? That is all being determined right now. This brief millisecond between birth and death is the only chance I’ll ever have, in all of eternity, to stand strong and prove myself against adversity. I can only hope that when it’s all said and done that I will have proven myself worthy.

On Greatness

The Temptation Of The Critical Voice

Each of us has an inner critic. There is no way to grow up in our society without having developed this inner critical voice which comes from parents, teachers, peers, the media, and from our own conclusions.

The problem is that this inner critic sounds like a voice of authority when in reality it doesn’t know what it is talking about. It is a voice based on beliefs that have been handed down through generations but that have no basis in fact.

How often has this voice said to you:

“You can’t do it. You are inadequate.”
“You are stupid and ugly.”
“If he (or she) rejects you, it is because you are not okay.”
“You had better do it right. If you don’t, everyone will know that you are a fraud.”
“It is NOT okay to make a mistake.”

…and so on.

This inner critic speaks with such authority that it is tempting to believe what it says. Yet is knows only lies. It knows nothing of who you really are.

When this voice is criticizing you, it is criticizing the “you” that it thinks you are your ego wounded self. The critic, having come into being to help you survive and protect you from rejection, long ago decided that who you really are is not good enough. When you experienced judgment or rejection from the important people in your life, you likely concluded that you were being rejected because you weren’t good enough or lovable enough or worthy enough or smart enough or attractive enough…and so on. You may have had no idea when you were being judged or rejected, rather than loved and accepted, that it actually had nothing to do with you. You probably had no idea that you cannot CAUSE another person to be judgmental or rejecting, or loving and accepting. You likely had no idea that others’ behavior is not under your control.

If you believed that you were causing others to judge or reject you, you may have decided that who you really are is not good enough. So you started to judge and reject yourself as you attempted to create a “self” that would be loved and accepted. The inner critic your ego wounded self is the self you created. You came to believe that if you judged yourself enough, you would make yourself into an acceptable person.

The problem is that none of this is true. There never was anything wrong with your true Self, your essence, your soul. It was, and is, a perfect expression of the Source from which we are all a part.

When your wounded self is criticizing you, it is criticizing your looks, your intelligence, or your performance. But none of this is who you are.

Who you are what is truly worthy, lovable and valuable about you is your ability to love. Not how you look, not how smart you are, not how much money you have or how big your house is. Your true Self is an individualized expression of God (or whatever you want to call our Source), and God is Love.

Next time you hear the authoritative voice of your inner critic, instead of giving that voice credence, stop listening to that voice. Treat that voice with compassion, like a child who acts like it knows everything. Instead of acting on that voice, open instead to the voice of your true Self the voice of Truth.

Do this simply by asking, with a deep desire to learn, “What is the truth?” Your Higher Self will answer you. This Self is the true voice of authority, even though it may be much softer and gentler than the loud voice of your inner critic.

Each time you hear the critical voice, ask your Higher Self “What is the truth?” If you take action based on the Truth rather than on the false beliefs of your inner critic, you will find yourself feeling so much better in so many ways!

The Temptation Of The Critical Voice